Happy and Headed Home

We continue to be so thankful that we’re at peace, great care (really liked Dr Lamont!), and NO PAIN! My breast sprung a leak on ’em and still bleeding but not painful. I opted for sedation instead of general anesthesia and am thankful for Dr Trevor’s input bc that worked fine and I’m awake/alert/happy:) I’m looking forward to lunch (no food except post-op crackers since dinner) and a nap. Gonna enjoy lunch w Scott somewhere outside since it’s a gorgeous day. Thanks for prayers and sweet texts. Clearly He’s answering!



12 thoughts on “Happy and Headed Home

  1. So thankful for each and everyone of these steps going so smoothly! God is faithfully providing! So fun to see Him at work through you! Love you three!

  2. Thankful your feeling His presence and provision. Love that you are keeping us connected so we can pray for specifics. Plus the pictures are a big treat! Love You!

  3. Jennifer – just wanted you to know I woke up several times last night and prayed for you every time. So glad everything went well today!!

    Terri Kendrick

  4. Thankful for the updates! Thankful there is treatment and that it starts soon! Much love and many prayers being sent on your behalf!

  5. So thankful God is answering our prayers and that it wasn’t painful! AND that you had a beautiful day to enjoy lunch outside with your Scooter pooter pumpkin pie. :o) Continually praying!

  6. I hear that pee test is worse than a final exam at FBA😄😄😄😂
    Praying praying praying!!!
    Your’re making progress to do battle
    Tell Jane I’m praying for her,too
    We mama bears don’t like to see our babies in “the valleys”.
    Love to all

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