Rockin and Rollin…

…That’s what our nurse just said after hooked me all up. Here we are! All good so far. Needle in port not too bad, cold spray to numb skin not anywhere near as bad as she/others warned, and even saline taste in mouth when she flushed port not as bad as expected. Oh and warm blanket w massage and heated chairs:) Plus man I love. Doing quite well. Got a little teary (Scott too) as she was hooking me up (reality slowly setting in) but that subsided and thankful to have so many unknowns behind me. All in all, a happy heart.





6 thoughts on “Rockin and Rollin…

  1. I want to get teary for you as I imagine the reality you and Scott faced starting chemo. This past week I worked on a Beth Moore study on joy, and today started peace. She points out that there is a direct correlation to joy and peace. Without joy, we can’t have peace she says. One thing I have noticed thus far about you is JOY–and PEACE. 🙂 My other friend who is 27 with breast cancer (also at Watermark) exhibits the same Jesus given joy and peace I see in you. To God be the glory.

  2. Jen – I wanted you to know that I have been following the accounts of this journey through your blog. (You are being an e-evangelist for His grace and glory) Of course have had you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Mike and I just yesterday had our sixth wedding anniversary and together listed our greatest blessings and gratitudes. Among them were great “life hiccups”. I know you understand that even with a diagnosis of cancer we are being blessed and are made blessings ourselves. As I told Molly when I heard that you would be in need of some extra help/TLC she can “sign me up for support with Jackson and Tucker that you can be there for your friend.” You are such a beautiful fellow sojourner for my daughter and I love you for that.
    Amy Cannady

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