So far so good!

Thought I’d give a quick post-chemo report to share the GOOD NEWS that I’m feeling quite good! Im definitely tired but not sure if that’s chemo or just life:) I’m sure I’m not the only one of you that’s tired and wants a big fat nap right about now so maybe it’s just life-tired and unrelated to chemo?! I’ve tried to heed the doctors advice to fight fatigue with exercise. Running is still uncomfortable because of port but Lincoln and I went for a walk with Gigi yesterday and then again on a long walk with Scott and Cynthia (well, actually, I got left while they ran!) this morning. My doctor preaches that there’s a pill for mouth sores, all tummy issues, for pain and many other symptoms EXCEPT fatigue – and exercise/activity are the only antidote.

The port is still pretty sore and limits my arm’s range of motion but that’s my biggest limitation – and hard with Linc since he doesn’t have the best head or hand control and seems to bang it almost every time I pick him up (which is getting easier). Yesterday he kept putting his little forefinger and then his mouth on the port – if I thought he knew how to kiss I’d be SURE he was kissing it to make it better. Instead I think it was the bright yellow tweety-bird bandaid the nurse gave me. But, either way, it was real sweet.

Thanks for praying. I don’t know if this trial drug just doesn’t have as severe side effects as others or Lord just intervening – but either way I’m more than happy to give Him the credit due His name because I know many of you have prayed for my well being and He’s clearly answered.

Off to nap. Thanks for praying. Love!


3 thoughts on “So far so good!

  1. Jennifer, When I wake each morning you are on my heart and in my prayers and I think about you and your sweet family all through the day. What a blessing you are to me when I receive your posts. You have such a sweet, sweet spirit! Thank you for being such an encourager! Prayers are lifted all day for you, your husband, your son, and your doctors and nurses. I look forward with anticipation to the miracles God will perform in your life and the testimony you will have for Him….Anita Peterson

  2. I am so thrilled that you are feeling OK so far. Thankful for all your posts keeping us in the loop and wish we were in D-town to serve you in a tangible way but we are praying!!

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