Shorter. And Longer.

My hair is shorter. And, for today and on, treatment is longer. 2 hours of treatment today. Continuing with research drug but also beginning first round of ‘standard of care’ chemotherapy. This morning, prior to heading to Baylor was my first significant round of nausea. With food in my belly and my first nausea pill, I feel much better. Unfortunately it was enough to remind me how miserable nausea can be! Thankful that passed.

Chemo has been on Fridays but this week is Thursday and next week will be Wednesday. I wasn’t a fan of the Friday schedule – if starting feeling worse I didn’t want that to be on the weekend. So hwe are back to our new normal but an extended version. Lots more warnings today about side effects but doctor is hopeful it wont be too intense. And, with the cancer-killing drugs, I’m also getting anti-nausea medicine, steroids and Benadryl. Thankful for so many ways medicine can help. But, as a result, result I am suddenly exhausted and about to nap. Benadryl is my friend. I heart naps.

We are blessed by continued care (meals, babysitting, chores, walk dates) and prayer. They are working!

I feel like I cant type another word so off to nap. Filled with gratitude and love!

PS And not so savvy with this WordPress app on phone or blogs. And Benadryl doesn’t help. So think I somehow prematurely posted and then edited/deleted so presume that those of you getting the emails may have received a whole lot of nothingness or false alarm. Sorry. Have I mentioned the heavy dose of Benadryl?!:)



5 thoughts on “Shorter. And Longer.

  1. Ok seriously I LOVE the short hair (and the outfit for today)! Praying like Kristi for minimal side effects. Love you friend!

  2. love the… ok was going to type “do” for hairdo, but now not sure how it should be typed… “dew” “do” “due” “doo”… hmmm… love it none the less!
    and praying that side effects continue to be very minimal and that you all the yucky stuff is dying!

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