Back in the Saddle

Back in my chair at chemo and happy that we’re out of the private rooms, back with the masses, and back with my peeps. I am all hooked up and ready to roll (or drip…) but waiting for meds. Oh here they come. That means this will be short because once Benadryl hits I’ll be off to my happy place.

But it’s been a great week and I wanted to thank the Lord and y’all for your prayers, help with Lincoln, meals, and general love and care for us. We feel it.

Other highlights of the week…
1. Officially have a wig and as Lord would graciously have it and fitting with his constant above and beyond mode of operating it is fancy (real hair!) and free (hand me down of a hand me down – thanks Lori!) and it’s totally my hair color. Crazy! With these fancy (see also: super expensive) wigs you can cut and even color but this one won’t need either. With some good laughs, I tried it on for Mandy and C last nite (and shortly thereafter brushed it right off my head!) and then sent it off to our friend Missy for some STYLIN’. It’s spent a good bit of time in a ziploc bag so she’s gonna put some on it and should be ready soon. With this drug, I’ve learned that hair loss may not be so immediate or dramatic so not exactly sure what to expect as far as timing. I think thinning will begin this week. I can assure you all that I won’t be ‘one of those’ who hangs on til the end with my own hair. But hoping it stays long enough to get one more appointment with Alonzo to get another fun short hairdo before I’m wearing someone else’s hair, scarves and hats. Oh and got 2 sweet gifts this week of a new scarf from my sister in law and fun hat from Kelley so I’m ready – I think:)
2. By Gods grace I’m not even anxious about it. That could certainly change and I KNOW I won’t like shaving my head (Alonzo has suggested that it be a joint effort with him and Scott) but those fears aren’t prevalent or pressing. Considering that was the first question I asked (will I lose my hair?) on the day of diagnosis, it’s a gift from the Lord that, at least for today, that’s not a pressing thought.
3. On topic of hair I’ve always marveled at the many different ‘heads’ that are donned in South Dallas – scarves, hats, weaves (even laid some rows my self), and wigs. I’ve told them before, when I didnt recognize one of them with a new do, that ‘us white girls don’t have the fun of daily different hairstyles.’ I spoke too soon!
4. Speaking of South Dallas, one of my nearest and dearest, Sarah Mae, wanted to come visit me last week. She asked to come after chemo on Wednesday but since I usually sleep afternoon away she and her daughter, Joyce (aka Pinky) came on Thursday after Bible study instead. Jenn and Cheryl drove them over because though they have a car, Sarah was planning to pawn her DVD player for gas money. Huh!? A different world. And it wasn’t too hard to pay the way for my visitors with a little cash for gas. I hope noone else will be offended if I don’t pay your gas to come visit me. Just look at this greatness in my loving room. Linc loves his ‘G-Granny’ (G as in ‘great’ because tho only in late 50s she’s a great grandmother to several) and she loves him. We ate our delicious lunch from Big Daddys in the hood while she fed Linc some boring veggies and she complained that I fed him tofu:). So she gave him her pink lemonade to help him wash it down. She makes me happy. I’m down with the brown.
4. My heart still continues to be at rest and at peace and full of joy. Many of y’all are to thank for that! God is good. All the time.

Well, hello, Benadryl, I feel you now so let’s say goodbye to our friends. With MUCH LOVE!






9 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Oh that makes my week to see Sara and Joyce loving on you!!! What sweet pictures…. and that God has put in place beforehand…… the love from South Dallas. How He is going to use them to support you, and also YOU, SCOTT, AND LINC to touch their lives as our Beloved walk thru this with you , even from South Blvd! Yes, we you knew much of scarves and wigs before this! Prraying, and thanks for this sweet communication…. it is a blessing to us all! Love and praying today, Maribeth

  2. Those pictures make me teary. How precious and dear to have friends, and to have them love on you in your season, even tho you moved there to love them. I am so encouraged by what the LORD is doing in your heart and how you share your story. We are praying for your family. P.S. We will be at CCA in South soon to talk about adoption. I can’t wait!

  3. Linc does not look like he is missing out on any nutrition. Whatever you are feeding him seems to be doing the trick! Grateful for all the friends and loved ones who are there to love on you in person, while we are loving you and praying for you from miles away.

  4. Jennifer, You, Scott, & LIncoln were lifted in prayer today by the Yoakum bible study ladies.
    THANKS LORD for Benadryl!

    Patti J (AKA MIMI)

  5. Well, Jennifer, I FINALLY go on your blog!! Yea! Not that I havent been praying for
    you all along, but Jenn and I have had some technical difficulties getting me plugged in , for whatever reason.
    Does my heart good to hear your continuous positive comments and praises and seeing these pics of Joyce and Sara*s visit! Praising the King that he is showing up for you in such sweet ways and brushing the wig off your head, made my day!!!
    Know I will be one of the thousands lifting you up endlessly and getting to witness
    our Fathers faithfulness.

  6. Love the pics. Mostly love that you are feeling well and have such a great perspective! I’m encouraged by you! Love!

  7. You have wonderful friends and family sticking through it all with you, your husband and son! Such a blessing and your faith, God and prayers are seeing you through it all. Continued blessings! Love, The Kerr’s

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