No Mo’ Chemo!

Today is my last day of chemo!
My last Wednesday date with Scott.
My last long discussion with Dr. Osborn (on left in picture) and her nurse Christina (over my shoulder) about side effects – or, in my case, gratitude that I don’t have most of the things they ask me about and none of the worst ones like nausea, bleeding or fever.
My last interview with my research nurse, Angelique (right in picture), about the side effects of the study drug.
My last day of cold spray and numbing lotion (thanks Travis) to numb my skin.
My last heated pink blanket – the best part of chemo!
My last port needle stick.
My last notes from sweet friends who have provided encouragement for every chemo day.
And my last little chemo nap is around the corner.

At least we think and hope it’s our last chemo. Thankfully I don’t fear it, but I know it’s possible for cancer to return. For now, I’m just glad that this 22-week-season is over. I’m especially thankful for how well my body has tolerated chemotherapy. And how effective it seems to have been. It has been infinitely easier than we expected. On my body and my heart. And I continue to attribute that to Gods answer to your prayers and His kindness to me. Thanks for rejoicing with us.

Night night.





11 thoughts on “No Mo’ Chemo!

  1. A day we have longed for and prayed for. Each morning I wake anew with prayers on my lips for you, Scott and Lincoln and then praise in my heart for all I know God is doing through you and in you. What a blessing you are to me with your faith and joyful attitude! Thank you for bringing so much joy to so many,,,and especially to me!! Still praying and still believing!!!!!

  2. Giving thanks to God for His amazing healing powers, His grace and love that extends to each of us, and for me finding you again! I have thought of you so much these past years and I am so thankful God brought you back into my life via blogs and that I had the honor to stand in the gap with you during this time! You are truly an amazing, wonderful, blessed woman! Love the blogs and pictures of your beautiful family. GOD IS GOOD, all the time. Love, Mama Boyd

  3. I am SO happy for you! To hear it is your last day of chemo Fills me with joy. Your courage and strength and deep faith has been such a blessing to my life. Congratulations to you and your sweet family!!

  4. Thank JESUS for the strength you’ve recieved. We think and pray for you often. I am so glad your body doesn’t have anymore of the torture!

  5. Praise the Lord, God is SO good and Faithful! This reports radiates his Faithfulness..
    “Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; for His lovingkindness is everlasting” -Psalm 107:1

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