Update from Waiting Room

The morning took longer than we expected with pre-surgery activities at the imaging center. They stuck about 9in of needle down the center of the tumor so doctor would know exactly where to operate. It was my first sonogram since this all began and the 3cm tumor appeared to be just a little over 1.5cm so that was good news. They did more mashing and smooshing (aka mammogram) and sent us over to the surgery center with our mammogram images and a needle hanging out of my boob.

So now we are in surgery center waiting room after signing my name about 50 times on paperwork. We just learned that surgery isn’t technically scheduled until 11:45. I’ll sure be good and hungry by then.

Since many of you thought (as did I!) that I’d be out of surgery before I’ll even be in surgery I thought I’d send quick update. So far, I’m not super anxious about surgery. Had some anxiety this morning about the unknowns of timing and itinerary of morning (in hindsight I should have called doctors office yesterday to have better understanding of what was happening today) and I don’t like unknowns. But prayed Lord would calm those nerves of frustration and He is.

I presume next update will be from Scott. And, Lord willing, good news. I feel confident toward that end.



8 thoughts on “Update from Waiting Room

  1. Praying for you Jennifer! Praying God gives you comfort and courage right now. I can’t imagine how hard this must be. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for being so faithful as you go through something that must be so tough.

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