Bye Bye Drain! Hello Happy!

I am SO happy happy happy that the drain is gone!  And I thank y’all for praying because I wasn’t very hopeful leading up to my appointment on Monday because my drainage still way exceeded (by 2x) what they had said would be the maximum output for them to take it out.  Over the weekend, it was bothering me more and more and I even had chills and fever of 101.9 on Sunday night that I blamed on the drain. I was fully fully convinced that it needed to come out because my body didn’t like it – I also wanted to sleep better and wear normal clothes (though dressing is still challenging) and quit maintaining the constant chart of output.  As for the taking the drain out, who knew that they could pull 9-12 inches of tubing out of your body and it not hurt?!  It was crazy.  And awesome.  Lezley (my new ‘breastie’ thanks to our shared unexpected journeys with breast cancer) who had surgery the same day and hated her drains as much as I did, told me it would painless (much to both of our surprise) and she was right.  I don’t know how that is.  But I’m thankful.  And, again, I marvel at the medicine advances in big ways and small ways.  Unfortunately, the pain in my side hasn’t subsided as much as I’d hoped after the drain was gone but I’m still happy.  Between the input of the drain about 6 inches under my armpit and the lymph nodes scar (on inside of armpit), it’s a pretty sensitive area.  And my entire under arm and armpits have a weird raw/numb sensation that makes them painful to the touch.  The biggest issues now are low energy levels and the limited range of motion.  I can reach my arm above my shoulder towards the front and to the side but not much more without significant tightness and pain.  There are a host of exercises I’m supposed to be doing but they’re not very fun.  And I laughed that the booklet describing arm exercises told me to use my impacted arm as much as possible for normal activities like “combing hair.”  I don’t do a lot of combing these days!  However, I do a little Rogaine-rubbing onto my scalp (per oncologist’s recommendations) and, let me tell you, by golly, it works!  I have a nice little helmet of peach fuzz.  You’d be hard-pressed to “pull my hair” but you can rub it and see that we’ve said goodbye to the drain and the entirely bald head:)  As for resuming other “normal activities” the 25lbs of preciousness that I normally carry would be easy enough except that he’s not content to just be picked up and set down gently.  He’s a wiggly one so I am often cringing from flailing arms or legs or an unexpected nosedive-squirm to be put down.  I have needed a ton more help with them than I expected (still would like to have a chat with anyone who seriously thought I would be ‘back to normal in 1-2 days …’) but, as I’ve said before, friends have blown us away and stepped in day after day to love on Lincoln for us.  What he’s lacked in attention from us he has certainly received in exponential proportions from friends and family. Thanks Aunt B and boys, Aunt FaFa and Hope, Aunt CC, Juju, Louise and girls, MoMo and boys, and Auntie Cheryl!  You are a big gift to me.  And Lincoln.

Several of you have asked what we’ve decided about the ovaries.  Nothing.  I may have misunderstood Dr. Osborne but while I think this is a big decision ahead, I don’t think it’s an immediate one.  She said she would give us time to decide – but, in the meantime, they’ll give monthly shots to keep my ovaries off.  So, the good news is that there’s an alternative.  The bad news is that it’s a shot.  Scott has been sweet to support whatever decision I want but hates the idea of me having to continue with shots every month.  He also hates the idea of me losing my ovaries.  We continue to marvel at the fact that though we weren’t initially sure we wanted kids, now that we have one, we are real sad not to have the option (biologically) of another and even more grateful for the one we have.  Scott’s glad that out of our one shot he got a little man to fish, hunt, and build things with.  I am too.  And Scott has laughed at me because I’ve already asked him if we could adopt on 2 different occasions and scenarios.  I don’t suggest telling me about a child needing a family unless you’re prepared for me to start asking questions and praying about adopting it.  And that’s not because I’m bored and looking for something to do or even adamant about more children – but more because I can’t wait to see how God “does His thing” and delights us with His better plans than we ever dreamed of.  It’s like I’m looking around every corner with a big smile in anticipation of a glorious sovereign surprise.

Y’all have loved us incredibly well through the last couple of weeks as we processed news that was harder than we expected.  That day, through tears, I told Scott that what I thought was a sprint now felt like a marathon.  And I feel like y’all have responded in such a way that I feel like we have cheerleaders and aid stations and support for all 26.2 miles of that marathon.  When I think about our story and our friends, the Lord often brings to mind the verse in Romans 12 that exhorts us to “rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.”  It’s been so beautifully lived out by y’all.  We’ve cried and you’ve cried with us.  We’ve been thankful and you’ve been thankful with us.  We’ve laughed and you’ve laughed with us.  And, by His grace, we have rejoiced in His goodness.  And you’ve rejoiced with us.  We thank you and we love you.




3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Drain! Hello Happy!

  1. Jennifer,
    So sorry your road post surgery has been a rough one!!! You don’t deserve that! While I can attest to the fact you’ll never get “back” to normal, I do pray you find a new one very soon. And as a mom I say, you’d probably need a ton of help mothering through this active stage anyway. ;D
    Sending many gentle and thankful healing prayers your way,

  2. Beautiful Post Jen. I count it a blessing to be loving you all and praying for you all along this journey. What an incredible example you are to those suffering and those who have suffered in the past with Cancer. I hate that C word, but GOD DELIGHTS in making his name more famous and he uses everything in our midst, the good, the bad, and the ugly to bring him glory.

    For our Good and his GLORY!!!

    Praise GOD for your good news and praise God for your hope for the future.

    Elizabeth Ericks

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