I can’t tell y’all how many days I’m STILL shocked that this is ME – that I have cancer, that I’m bald, that I’ve had chemotherapy, and that I’ve had surgery. Thankfully, more often than not, it’s far from the forefront of my mind. And it still surprises me. Today is another of those days. Am I REALLY at MD Anderson?! Did they really give me a patient card with my name on it?!

The answer is yes. Whether I believe it or not.

I’m between the pinch-pull-squeeze-ogram and ultrasound and all is going well.

Yall know Im partial to color and was excited to meet the patient coordinator who has handled all my paperwork – and we prayed together on the phone last week. What’s not to love about that?! And after being greeted by her (which brought tears because she was so sweet and kind and excited to meet me) it was super fun to see my old friend, Amy, who was so helpful in getting my appointments.

Then, in a short break before all these tests, my dear dear friend Rach (we lived together in Chicago in 1994 and also moved back to Dallas together and were roommates for another couple of years) came and brought Scott and I lunch and made me cry again just because I was so excited to see her. And the tea and lemonade from Chickfila:)

Thanks to Rach and one of her good friends here, the opportunity has also come up to meet with the head of breast cancer research at Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Kent Osborne. Same last name as my oncologist. Random. But no relation. Anyways, he’s pretty big time in the boob world and already reviewed my files and thought it was worthwhile for us to meet him as well. He’s offered to see us on Thursday. Scott asked if maybe we could just do a conference call. Or Skype. Seriously?! Scott is a little tired. Lets blame those comments on going to bed after midnight and up at 5:15:) He climbed in bed well after midnight from his fishing trip and a crazy-2-hour-driving-like-maniac-almost-missed-his-flight-drive to the airport. I was praying and so thankful he made it!

Those are highlights so far from our day. I’m sure there’s more to come. But so thankful for the texts, sweet comments on blog, and prayers.

Gotta go. More robes, goopy gel, nakedness, and nurses…

With love and thanks,




4 thoughts on “Really?!?!

  1. Glad they are taking good care of you down there. Several of my family members have benefited from the great minds at MD Anderson. You look good sister. Encouraged by your spirit through this. Praying for you and your family!

  2. Is God the best event planner ever??? Even bringing in the big guns to perform. You are in such good hands….on earth and above. Praying, praying, praying!!!!

  3. You are living out Romans 8:28… All things for good!! Thanks for letting us in on your difficult journey. It’s an inspiration to me!

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