Ready, Set, Radiate…

I continue my tour of waiting rooms this morning and am writing from my new morning routine at Baylor’s radiation center. I came in for more preliminary work yesterday and felt like a cadaver or astronaut. Not sure which. Cadaver because of the markings all over my chest and astronaut because I’m laying in a huge machine and a handful of folks are hovering over me and calling out numbers, ‘…106.7 …. Medial …. 9.6 … Lateral…96.7 … 3mm…’ I also got a couple more tiny tattoos. With the ink from tattoos and red and black sharpie in lines and circles on my chest, when Scott saw me he thought Linc had written on all over me. In other words, it’s not very artistic. And since I haven’t showered since then, Judy and Fletcher, the radiation techs I’ll see again today, may wonder about my hygiene.

My appointment is at 7:20 but I have to be here at 7:10 to get undressed and robed. Neither mornings or punctuality are my strengths so I slept quite poorly worried about oversleeping. I overslept for my very first college exam as well as a final exam in college as well as a couple of flights while working so my fear of oversleeping and ability to sleep through alarms are valid concerns. However, last night, it just meant I woke up every couple of hours so wasn’t my best night. I am seriously wondering how I ever ran with some of you people at 5:15am for so many years?!?! Thankfully, it’s easy to roll out the door in anything because I just come here to take it off. But the oral chemo started today and there are serious sickness side effects so it must be taken with food and though I love to eat I don’t love to eat first thing in the morning. But, surely it won’t take me too long to adjust back to getting up before 7 or eating breakfast. These aren’t monumental feats. Though, today, they sorta kinda felt like it. I’m also just real thankful for the early appointment because they agreed to take me at 7:20 though 7:30 is the normal start time. There weren’t any other morning appointments available and this is, by far, the best scenario for Linc who will wake up to his dad and hopefully I’ll be home shortly thereafter for Scott to go to work. I’m thankful for Scott’s flexibility with work and little Lincoln has definitely learned flexibility as well. His Mama could use a little more of that so I’m hopeful it serves him well. And thankful for so many who have loved on him in our place.

As I sat here to write a quick update about starting radiation, I’ve received 5 texts of prayer and love. So sweet thanks to Karen, Judy, Julia, Kristin and Michelle. And for countless other things so many of y’all have done to bless and provide for us. We are grateful and blessed. And soon to be radiated…


8 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Radiate…

  1. I have been following your friend Melanie’s hilarious Big Mama blog for a long time and have only come to find you through hers. I live in Las Colinas so I feel like I am a neighbor to you. Thank you for sharing your story. I believe that God has big plans to use you mightily as a wife and mother and friend. Praying that you handle the effects of your treatment with as few ill effects as is possible.

  2. You may be getting zapped with radiation, but I think YOU are the one radiating others around you with the amazing light of our Lord dwelling inside your beautiful heart.


  3. Praying for you this morning, sweet friend and this new phase. Praying for your early mornings and lessened side effects from the oral chemo. You are amazing!

  4. Oh Bless you, praying for transition into these many early mornings, breakfasts, and the sleep. Lord, give her sweet peace in sleep….. nightly trust in you and the alarm! And your body’s kind acceptance to these new meds and treatment. I dont know if you see it, but He has given you such COURAGE, love u so, mb

  5. Your words are gracious and funny and warm. What a wonderful reflection of your Father you are during this trying time. I am praying for you, for Scott, for Linc. Consider yourself cyber squeezed! Love you!

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