You know you know Baylor a little too well when …

…You know which parking meters are out of order and therefore free. And even better when they’re in the shade.

Dear City of Dallas: If you will fix the meter on Worth Street just east of Washington, I will happily pay you for your shaded parking spot near the doctors offices I visit often.  In the meantime, after the thousands of dollars we’ve spent a Baylor, saving a dollar or two in change is a bit trivial but very satisfying.

Had a mammogram today and back on Thursday to review the film with my surgeon and also for sonogram and pre op activities prior to next week’s hysterectomy on the 28th.  Real thankful for your sweet messages, prayers, concern and offers for help after my last post.  Will keep you posted.  Hear the recovery can be rough and was told “not to pick up more than a gallon of milk for 6 weeks” … how exactly does that work with a toddler?  I’ll get back to you on that one.

Real thankful that my heart continues to be at rest with this decision.  I got a twinge of pain in my heart today when I saw a pregnant lady at the park with another boy about Lincoln’s age.  But, at the same time, as many friends are pregnant with their second children I’ve been able to rejoice with them without thoughts of myself.  That’s been a gracious gift for one who is tempted to selfishness and envy.

Thanks for your prayers and love,



3 thoughts on “You know you know Baylor a little too well when …

  1. Morning Jennifer, somehow you always seem to encourage me when I read your sweet words , when in reality I should be encouraging you!! I will be praying for you both emotionally and physically . I have had a hysterectomy myself and it was not that bad , Same with Linda And she did great . So I am praying the same for you and always lifting up your sweet family . I will be in touch next week checking on your progress . Love, Ann

  2. Praying for you precious fiend today, will be on Thursday, and next week! I will be out of town during your surgery, but will be watching for this blog, or a report from Beloved. I understand your question about not picking up anything over a gallon! Right after I had Nate and Helen( 13 mo apart) I had an emergency appendectomy! They sent me home saying nooo lifting , or climbing stairs! HA, I lived in a 3 story house at that time, and had a nursing newborn and a one year old! ?? SOMEHOW I made it, knowing me JC, you can laugh!!! I do remember, a couch downstairs became my bed, lots of ROLLING off and on the couch to play on the ground……. lots of people helping me…… no cooking. Oh yea, somehow the no driving “kind of worked” for a while……God will be your strength, and you will see once again His provision and grace in every way!!!!! Try to obey the DR though!!! NONE of the people that love you want you to have even the least little complication!!!! Let go…. and let God, again, sweet one, Maribeth

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