Home Sweet (Decorated) Home

There’s no place like it. Home.
And there’s no greater surprise than to walk into a fully decorated home! We were greeted by a wreath on house, the fragrant smell of a fresh tree beautifully decorated, and perfectly placed poinsettias all over our house. Wow. Not only are our friends amazing but they are creative in how they love. I have never ever ever had such a crazy fun idea for someone else! We are loving it.

And one of the heavily debated topics in our married life has been ‘fresh or fake.’ I tend toward easy/lazy/cheaper (which makes fake all the more appealing and what I grew up with) and Scott loves all things outdoors so is offended by even the suggestion of a fake tree. I also tend to be on the more conservative side of things financially so while he peruses the tree lot for the perfect tree I tend to follow and try to inconspicuously turn over price tags and wince with each one. Scott selects on smell and beauty and shape – not price! And, he’s quite picky about all of the above so it was super sweet to hear him immediately say ‘babe, that’s exactly what I would have picked!’ It’s gorgeous. And smells like Christmas. And it didn’t even have a price tag. It even had wrapped presents under the tree! And, when Jenn brought Linc home from Chapel School (our little mom taught preschool on Wednesday mornings), he was super excited to show me his new ornament he had made … And I was super excited that he had a tree to put it on!

It was good to get settled at home with my mom and B’s help which was really helpful. It’s hard to lay down and rest when I see chores all around me so they significantly lightened my load though Scott complained that I was still doing too much and kept using his Indian accent to imitate our PRECIOUS Indian nurse who told me over and over ‘you must rest.’ And rest I did. With a precious cuddly lovable little boy. Aaaah.

Linc woke up and did his normal routine of running into our room and cuddling (and begging his sleepy head parents to get some vanilla milk) and it was good to be in our bed with our boy in our sweetly decorated home. Scott and Linc played some pretend fishing game that involved a made up song called ‘Hippo Head’ while I rested and intermittently whispered to Scott that he’s a great dad. He always has been but his sense of purpose and clarity and focus is an insane blessing to both Lincoln and me.

During our cuddle time, Linc sweetly asked if he could lay on top of me and if I needed a bandaid for my boo boo. It seemed like maybe we should have a natural conversation about me being ‘big sick’ so I asked if he wanted to talk about it. When he responded with nonsensical baby talk we decided not. A few minutes later I decided to try again and said, ‘Lincoln, we want to talk about Mama. We want you to know that I am sick but….’ And were immediately and loudly interrupted with ‘Mama said butt!’ over and over followed by ‘can you say butt again?!’ I am still laughing as I type. I think it’s safe to say he had heard all he wanted to hear?

We also have some encouraging information about a an international clinical trial that has an opening. I really loved participating in research. I get early access to promising medication, get to play a tiny role in helping others after us, and usually extra scans and biopsies (paid for by research instead of our insurance). I will learn more this week and in my appointment next Wednesday with Dr. Osborne.

I am laying in bed trying to send this and I just heard Linc, looking at tree, say, ‘we have everything we need and look at all these presents!’ So sweet! And I am thrilled that he thinks 4 presents is ‘all these presents!’bScott followed up and said ‘do you remember why we celebrate Christmas? … ‘ And reminded him (and me and you?) that Christmas is because Jesus came … And, because of Him, Scott told Lincoln that he couldn’t have been more right … we have everything we need!

Someone somewhere said ‘the man who has Jesus and nothing [or Jesus and cancer] is infinitely better off than one who has everything without Jesus.’ We are trusting our Jesus to help us rest and enjoy today, provide what we need medically and emotionally and financially, and to continue to uphold us.

Thanks for being a part of His plan to sustain and love us and pray for us.



No time to edit before we get this day going so sorry for typos:)


29 thoughts on “Home Sweet (Decorated) Home

  1. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends and support network. And, Lincoln is right – you have all you need! And, we have you – which is all we need. Love you all so much!

  2. Loving you and praying for you from afar…praising Him and thanking Him for your impact on so many as you respond to your trials with pure joy…
    Hugs to my “oldest friend”…way to be a true Pioneer Girl (wink, wink)

  3. I love you, Jennifer. I am so thankful that God allows are paths to cross. From that first Esther bible study to now, you continue to teach me how to be a Godly woman and live “for such a time as this.” Praying for y’all!

  4. Lincoln is a precious little boy! And out of the mouths of babes come such truths. You do have all you need in the greatest gift of all, our Lord and Savior. And you are honoring Him as you walk this path of the unknown by showing others of your faith and trust in His perfect plan. I love you Jennifer and so enjoyed our chat and unexpected meeting several weeks ago. Know your are in my prayers and on my heart on a top priority basis. Your smile and beautiful spirit have always been a delight to me ever since the first time we met years ago!

  5. So precious Jen. Thank you so much for your courage and vulnerability in allowing us to walk alongside you through your blog. I am humbled by your peace in the midst of this storm. Thank you Jesus that He is all we need and gives without measure. May He pour an over abundance of grace upon you and your family today. I love you guys to pieces.

  6. Butt – Jen — Don’t you know that Boys Love the word BUTT!!! I love it. It is such a great time your are getting to experience with L right now. His age is such a sweet time. There is nothing more special than when I get to go on a date with my sweet prince. They grow too fast. Thank you for sharing the sweet pic of you two. Those are the memories and feelings that make being a mama so special. Even know as I hear the sweet soft sound of the rain on the fallen leaves, I and uncountable others pray that you have that sweet soft comfort of your guys first and farmost – CHRIST. Enjoy the love that HE shares through your hunny and your baby. And don’t worry — even though we can’t call them baby when older — They always are.

  7. Your story of grace continues to unfold and is soo beautiful..praying for you daily and your sweet little family. So thankful The Lord entrusted Lincoln to y’all to give you even more glimpses of who Jesus is daily. What a gift your precious family is to your unwavering faith through another “brutiful” ride.. God is so good, He never makes mistakes and can always be trusted. Thank you for continuing to shine your light so brightly to us all even when it’s so tempting to let it fade! Your faith stires thousands of believers affections for Jesus! Thankful The Lord can use this hard trial for you for His glory!

  8. Lol about butt. Linc said that to me too this week! And how do you explain the difference between a conjunction and a noun to a 3 year old? πŸ’œ

  9. What a comfort to know that you have the peace of Christ and the love of such good friends….and seriously – PLEASE – could the photo of you and Linc snuggling be ANY cuter?!?! (NO, it couldn’t!) Love you, friend and praying for you constantly!

  10. I don’t know you….and you don’t know me ….but thankfully our Lord Jesus Christ knows us both…….my prayers for you and your precious family will continue…..

  11. Celebrating you being home…praying expectantly…so blessed by your faith and the way you encourage and remind me that Jesus is enough. Love you and your sweet family

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