Prayers answered. Port in. No pain. Yet!?



20 thoughts on “Prayers answered. Port in. No pain. Yet!?

  1. You look beautiful in that pic!!! Anyone who looks beautiful with hospital lighting after a procedure is certainly beautiful indeed. 🙂 Love these updates, love that I read Mel’s blog and was sent to yours, love praying for you all and LOVE the letter from your pastor in your last post. That was amazing. God bless!

  2. You are looking so chipper with your port! Crazy how we can be thankful for things like a port! No more needles! That’s im”port”ant’!! Ok sorry

  3. I take it that smile was you in your schnockered happy place! A picture tells 1000 words… Lulu has a reason to rejoice and smile in the midst of the hole near her heart. That’s my friend. Love you.

  4. Cute little thing isn’t it? I get so excited when I get a Pink, Prayer,and Love from you. You are really a great writer but then I think I remember you did something like that before. I hope you are keeping all your e- mails and replies. You will be able to make a fortune on a book. Our pastor spoke to us personally last Sun. He said this is a season of difficulty,struggle, pressure , a season to embrace, rejoice , laugh , believe and depend. And, then Jeff said what your pastor had on the screen. I know God will come through for you and you will be healthy and strong again. With yours and Scott faith things will be good. Merry Christmas to all. I bet Linc is really having a ball. Love and more love, Anisse

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