So far, really good!

Back to doctor today to continue monitoring for the trial and it was really encouraging …. Again! The clinical trial nurse confirmed that I am only patient in Dallas on the trial (after I wrote that last week I started second-guessing myself) and there are only 2 sites in all of Texas who have access to it. She also explained that the trial only opens to 6 patients at a time so she reiterated that she is still so excited that she gets to be a part of this exciting first time research to see about pairing (or tripling!? not sure the right term…) these 3 drugs. One isn’t yet on the market (CDK inhibitor but Pfizer expects to have one available this year) and there have been studies of 2 of the 3 drugs together but this is first:only study using all 3. She also came in the room after my labs and excitedly said ‘your CBC labs are perfect!’ (stands for Cancer Blood Counts and includes white cells, red cells and platelets). She went on to explain that one of the major objectives of this study is to determine dosing levels and some people have had debilitating fatigue and she expected my numbers (CBC) to plummet and expected side effects to be much worse! Jamie and Angela (besties from high school) were with me and Jamie was tearing up while Angela had chills. Angela buried one of her college best friends (from Baylor) who died from pancreatic cancer so she is especially attune and adept are loving on me and escorting to doctors. It’s been such a gift to have friends with ME while Cynthia is at her house with Lincoln (and he’s so happy watching his movie that even when I stop by after appointments with a cookie he said ‘can you please leave so I can finish my movie?’ … I think it’s safe to say he’s doing pretty well taken care of and loved on my long doctor days!) and other friends are sending dinner! Ahhh. Help is so needed and appreciated! And thanks to all of that I can nap as soon as I send this.

None of the statistics I mentioned tell us yet how effective the medicines are at treating the cancer but as long as the side effects are manageable I can continue on the treatment plan. I will have a biopsy again next week and a bone scan in 7 weeks. It still may be too early to tell the effects on cancer by then but we will wait and pray and see…

My back definitely feels better and I have tummy issues and fatigue from the medicine but neither are debilitating. Well, I may take that back … Once she started describing the fatigue possibilities I felt less crazy for being exhausted at the end of every day and my 2 hour nap yesterday!

I also had a really sweet and fun surprise on Saturday. In 1995, I started running with some folks from Arthur Andersen at the lake. They talked me into a marathon the next year and a couple more in NYC in following years. I was more hooked on the friends than the long distances and they kept me running around White Rock for many years. We’ve run many miles and lived through much more … marriages, babies, grandbabies, divorces, lost jobs, Andersen debacle, new jobs, and they are faithfully and prayerfully walking with us through another round of cancer. However, they clearly didn’t get the ‘Dr. Osborne wants me to lose weight’ memo because they showed up on Saturday morning with Starbucks, apple fritters and kolaches! That’s our standard post-run-routine and they brought the festivities to my house so I could join in. And even the Mays who have moved to Houston surprised me with a knock on the door! Then they all blessed us with sweet words of encouragement and tears (from tough-looking but really tender-hearted guys!) and a priceless gift to send us on an adventure or trip of our choosing. How stinkin sweet is that?! And since these same peeps were big financial support of my trips to Zambia they have me daydreaming and praying about returning with Scott and Lincoln. My πŸ’— is full! They also complained about how long these entries are and how they don’t usually make it to the end of the posts so I am putting their picture at the end to see if they actually read this far:) They have probably never seen the pictures or comment button! I love you guys – to the other side of White Rock and back!

Here are my hospital peeps from today in front of our second home at Sammons and my running buddies along with their precious gift…




Chisum, are you pleased you made the blog?!πŸ˜‰


17 thoughts on “So far, really good!

  1. So sweet! Love watching God’s faithfulness in each step, and so thankful that your only side effect is fatigue, and your biggest concern at the onset, Linc, is having the time of his life. Praise God! He is so good!

  2. We are SO thankful for the good report! We will pray that the side effects remain manageable. And I love the pic of you, Jamie and Angela! Like I told Jamie, it was such a fun time when y’all ruled FBA with fun and love! πŸ™‚
    Praying for you,
    Meredith (& Scott)

  3. So glad that treatment is going so well. Praying for continued endurance and peace. I know you have soo soo many friends (a testament to your Godly life and love) and I love how so many rally around and support you. I had prayed that someone with the resources would gift you guys with a trip, on of those crazy kind of trips. Answered prayer! love it! praying for you, and your Scott and Lincoln. I know we don’t do life together but the fact that we share husbands and sons with same names makes you something special πŸ˜‰

  4. I will comment, as I always make it to the end of the post! Also, I am not happy that you mentioned us because I wish there were no such thing as this blog and your illness. Now that would make me very happy my sweet, beautiful amazing friend!!!

  5. Thank you for the updates Jennifer. I am thankful for all the details – medical and otherwise. Traes and I are praying for you and your sweet family! We love you.

  6. Prayers and more Prayers. Super woman you are!! God is in control. I love how you right like you are talking to someone not writing. God bless you and your family.

  7. I love reading of your journey through these blogs – though, yes, I agree, they are long, they are an amazing tribute to the Lord and how He is carrying you and Scott through. Even though cancer is not the way you would have “chosen” to glorify God, you “have chosen to glorify Him through it.” All are blessed by your faithfulness to Him and love for others. In some mysterious way, we, the observers, receive life and encouragement from your trust in our Lord. With love! Dianne

  8. Ok so you know I have always been a little crazy ( I blame the ADHD)….When I read this I am so excited that you are very well taken care of and that the Lord is truly in control. But my crazy kicks in and I just don’t understand why your Dr wants you to lose weight before the treatment. Don’t people lose weight during treatment all the time? See Crazy comes up with the weirdest questions.

  9. What precious friends and such a priceless gift! I am so thankful right now to our Daddy that he has blessed you and Scott with such a huge provision of love, hugs, resources, food (especially apple fritters, kolaches, and Starbucks!), time, friends, prayers, more hugs. Thank you sweet Jesus for holding Jen, Scott, and Linc in the palm of your hand! I am sending you an electronic hug! I talked to Miss Lisa for a long time on the phone today about YOU. She sends her love too- and I know you can imagine being wrapped up in a big ol Lisa hug right now!

  10. We have never met,( I live in Georgia) but I heard your story while listening to a podcast from Watermark Community Church. I was moved to pray for you and your family. Thank you for pointing to the hope that is to be found in Christ and Christ alone. Thank you for the updates. We will continue to pray for you all and your medical team.

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