Overdue. Again.

I am so thankful for the prayers and support that I regret not giving you updates more timely. I want you to be able to thank the Lord with us as well as continue to pray. We are so thankful for both your prayers as well as your praises for our God’s kindness. I want to send some updates about Lincoln because we have had some endearing yet sad conversations as he asks questions (why? why? why?…). They are simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking. Let’s hope my memory doesn’t fail me before I get them written down. In the meantime, I wanted you to know that Monday was another great day of good labs, gratitude for the trial, and an amazing support team of friends and medical folks. I will mooch off my friend Mel (aka Big Mama) for her highlights to share with you: thebigmamablog.com.

And add my favorite picture from the day.


Big love and thanks from all three at the Clouse house.


8 thoughts on “Overdue. Again.

  1. I think Lincoln is looking more like you, Jen. Sorry, Scott. Like Art Linkletter said. ” kids say the darnest things”. So write those sayings down so you can laugh about them later. AR PS. Do you even remember who he is? Sent from my iPad


  2. Why do I love Jesus? Because he was was a man of sorrows who experienced the same trials and temptations we do and yet without sin in order to be our sympathetic High Priest – apparently this includes bad hair days (per Linc)

  3. Take care of yourself…..don’t worry about posting (although I love reading how it’s going ) it is an honor to pray for you- your medical team and of course your family

  4. So very beautiful. Prayers for peace and strength for you and your husband and the rest of your family. May you know that God is always enough!!

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