Happy Monday!

Well, today is a fun change of schedule for me. Instead of headed to Baylor I am headed to the gym with my little man. The protocol for the trial is set up such that for the first cycle of the drugs (four weeks), they need blood draws and EKGs every week. But, for the next six months, the schedule changes to every other week. What shall I do with all my free time?! 🙂 I feel really normal today getting to be with Lincoln by myself without the doctor in without school (for him) or a tight schedule. Fun for me!

I continue to fight fatigue, especially in the late afternoon, but other than that feel pretty normal and myself. I am definitely at the stage where every stomach pain or cough KEYN make me wonder if something is happening on the inside. But another benefit of the trial is additional scans. We have our first scan, since the trial started, on February 18. I am glad for that information.

And, lastly, we continue to marvel at God’s people and God’s provision. We came home from a weekend away at a friends farm, and found a hand-delivered envelope stamp “confidential.” Inside was a precious letter of encouragement and desire to bless our family with fun and a check for, as they said, date nights or Disney. The check and the letter were unsigned. They were marked all over with love and encouragement – but not a name.

The Lord continues to remind us that he will meet all of our needs. Not only funds for medical expenses and help with care for Linc but He is kind enough to even provide the funds for fun 🙂

Thanks to all of you for the many ways you bless our family. Not everybody writes anonymous checks but whether it’s text or meals or surprise flowers or hugs… All of it is part of Gods plan to sustain us. And we thank you.


11 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. Jennifer and Scott, It it so cool to see how the Lord is taking care of you guys! We are thankful your treatment to being effective ! Yeah!! – Love the Scherers

  2. Beautifully written, my wordsmith friend. I love that it was marked with love and encouragement without a name. reminds me that the Lords name is written all over this. Sweet to see him providing for your every need and beyond.

  3. As I read your newest blessing letter, I am listening to Big Daddy Weave’s song OVERWHELMED and it justly describes my feelings… HE IS OVERWHELMING.. Glad you and your sweets are enjoying some much needed fun 🙂

  4. Sweet story ! Glad you had a new kind of Monday.. Excited about this new treatment. Continued prayers and much love!

  5. God is good all the time! All the time God is good! He has not forsaken and never ever will. He is only time we can say NEVER and it will never ever change. We say silly things like I will never, but it always happens, but his unfailing love and strength will carry you through whatever. Am so overjoyed that you and Lincoln get to spend a fun day together so…….This afternoon will be a wonderful nap time for the both of you. My sweet friend who I don’t know, but I feel like I do just from your writings, I am praying for you and your sweet family. Many, many prayers for you and your family and your sweet friends who love and adore you. I thank you once again for opening up your life to us.

  6. Love & prayers w/ all my heart this AM! Thank you for posting the link to the sermon before Xmas. Listened again today. Your always doing the blessing my friend!

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