You win some. You lose some.

I am pretty sure the rest of our story will be a series of good news and bad news and, over time, maybe more bad than good. Either way, I really sincerely and deeply know that God is good. He affirmed that in Bible study with friends this morning and amazingly so through friends and His creation last week (birthday trip to Cabp that was beyond amazing … another tiny teaser of how great Glory will be). Anyways, coming off the good news of scan and great time from trip, I went right back to doctor on Thursday since I had missed my Monday because of trip. Before the trip, I had noticed my right boob/breast (the latter still sounds way too clinical!) was bigger than the other and enjoyed flashing the girls on the trip to get their confirmation. Let’s just say lopsided is not the best look. And it was good for some laughs. 

I didn’t text Dr. Osborne when I first noticed about 2 weeks ago because I would ask her at Thursday appointment. She was stumped. Especially since my body seemed to be responding well to the treatment and things were getting smaller … Except, apparently, my right breast. So what started as simple follow up evolved into all day affair of seeing my surgeon, Dr. Lamont, in his office to see if he could see anything on an ultrasound. He couldn’t. But he thought part of my skin looked pink so he wanted to do a biopsy of the skin and also sent me for a mammogram because of the higher resolution of that equipment. Nothing showed up on the mammogram and the radiologist reading the report was pretty convinced it was lymphodema (common side effect of having lymph nodes removed) but confirmed beeded biopsy results to make sure. 

Biopsy results came in today and there are tumor cells in the blood vessels of the skin. We are waiting for additional pathology to determine if it is the same breast cancer or a new one. And that information is critical for treatment options. My precious doctor has already texted and called me and is ON IT. Along with her nurse. Again, I feel really well taken care of by them. When we discussing availability to get together once more information is available, she offered to meet up with us next week in Colorado while she is on vacation and we are in Breckenridge with the Kraus family. Who does that? My sweet doctor…

It would be much more fun if this update was all about fun girls trip and marveling at the whales and first attempt at surfing and amazing fun friends and flying with Rod Stewart…

Instead, back to reality. And cancer is our reality. But there is much more to our life! Our joy and hope and fun extend well beyond cancer. 

The only downside of the trip was that it left Scott with some hard ‘single dad moments’ that have been heavy on his heart as he considers that likely reality. I am sad for him. Those are heavy thoughts. Gotta run. I may or may not have stalked my surgeon through his precious wife (we have mutual friends and I just saw her at the gym yesterday) and she has given me more information from Dr. Lamont that I need to follow up on. Sometimes I think the administrative burden of doctors appointments could kill me faster than the cancer….

And apologies again for any typos or run on sentences. No time to edit. Just wanted to quickly share my news to our friends and family who are faithful to pray. For now, my requests are for peace for my family (especially mom, Scott and Linc) and clear pathology and other test results that will aid Dr. Osborne in her assessment of next steps.

With much love…


24 thoughts on “You win some. You lose some.

  1. As that amazing scripture says,” May He keep you, Scott, your mom and Linc in perfect peace as your minds are stayed and focused on Him.” He is your strong tower and ours! Thank you for the updates and sharing your hearts with us! Praying for you all!

  2. I am so glad cancer does not define you….And so grateful you have an eternal prospective. Praying for all you mentioned and also glad you had fun in Cabo with Rod🙈🙉🙊

  3. thnx for this update, jen. good specifics for me to be bringing to our lord and trusting him with. i flippin’ hate cancer. much love.

  4. First of all I want say I hate cancer! This is hard news and I’m so sorry. You know when I saw you at chickfila yesterday I thought about how healthy you look. Your smile, your tan glow from Cabo, and your zest for life were so beautiful and all seemed so healthy. It’s so crazy that your body is being ravaged by this horrible disease, but your spirit just gets more beautiful. That is evidence of the Holy Spirit in your life. What a thing to watch and how I know our heavenly father is smiling down on you from heaven!

  5. No words other than I love you, I love praying for you and I love that I get to call you my big sister in Christ – I could not ask for a better example.

  6. Jen. First of all- Rod Stewart in Cabo??? What fun! 🙂 I love it! Second of all- I’m so sorry about the new find…. I’m praying right now for the complete healing. Love you, friend. Emily Ruth

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  7. Just loved hearing about your girl time in Cabo (through Molly)! Just hated that you came home to such hard news. Praying for you and your doctor (love how she loves you). And I’m also just praying for Scott and Linc. My heart was heavy for your mom today, and how nothing is as painful as a mom seeing their child hurt. Praying for her

  8. Hi Jennifer. You dear mother is in our SS class at church and we have been faithfully praying for you. Another bump in the road, but so grateful for excellent doctors and nurses who are carefully monitoring and treating you each step of the way. Loved your picture of the “girls” but my all time favorite is your beautiful family and precious Lincoln 🙂

  9. Dear sweet Jen,
    Keep up with your blog and pray for Gods total healing, peace, and encouragement for you and your precious family every day. Our church is also praying for you ( Champion Foret Baptist Church).
    It would be a blessing to me to touch base with your mom… I remember her gracious and sweet spirit as we watched you girls grow in the Lord at Rhinehart Bible Church. Could I possibly have her email?
    “His strength is perfected in our weakness”.
    My love and heart to you, sweet girl. Lincoln is blessed to have you as mom and mentor. Am reminded of Psalm 138:8: “God will accomplish what concerns us.” Praying and sending love from Houston, Kristen, too!!!!

  10. I’m so glad to hear of your great time in Cabo! You sure deserved it! I am praying for the best results from the outstanding test. I think of you every day and you are in my prayers every day. I love you, Betty Ann

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