Word of the Day: Weird!

I think that is the best and only way to summarize everyone’s medical reaction to what’s going on with me. I know, it’s not a very technical term, but it fits. It’s weird. Both my nurse from the clinical trial and my doctor just marvel at the scenario – and say ‘that’s weird.’ It raises so many questions about why the medicines seem to work for my lymph nodes and in my liver (at least stable in liver and regression in lymph nodes) and yet it is growing aggressively in my breast and skin. So, in the stage 4 language of “metastasis”, it is now metastasized to my bones, liver, around my lungs, lymph nodes in my chest, and now my skin. As always, today, Dr. Osborne was so thorough and patient and I feel like she sits in the quandary with us. She is humble enough to acknowledge she needs additional input from the other Dr. Osborne and yet confident enough to present a lot of options. The challenge is that all of these options are wildcards. We are in an unusual situation so there isn’t a standard protocol for these variables. We are all looking forward to getting more information from Dr. Osborne in Houston. And my sweet Dr. Osborne (Dallas) offered and suggested that she join us via conference call and wants me to call her at the end of her clinic day to debrief her. I feel so loved by that. 

I haven’t been officially kicked off of the trial yet but it’s looking that way. Dr. Osborne feel strongly that she needs to pursue another strategy to stop the spread in my breast. And it’s crazy – it is visibly changing week by week. Some of my friends and those of who are in Bible study with me can attest to that 🙂  Viewings available to any females that are interested. I’m quite obsessed with the weirdness and happy to show any interested parties. Even maybe there was an older man I don’t know in the waiting room that got a sneak peek when I attempted to show Jamie and Amy today? Their heads went down in embarrassment and I think his perked up! I have no shame. But I do have one huge boob! Amy and Jamie don’t have the same obsession of  seeing my boob as I do of showing it! 

And then there was this lovable Therapet beast, Quinn, hanging out with us too.  

We will keep you updated on Dr. Osbornes input in Houston and our next course of action.

We would love prayers for the following:

– safe and fun trip to Houston (we love the shoulder to shoulder road trip and talk time!)

– Scott to be able to stay connected and caught up with family and work (not easy to spend half day today at doctor and all day Wednesday and switch gears from heavy head and heart stuff back to work which piles up)

– wisdom and clear direction from Dr. Osborne in Houston. Dr O (Dallas) is sending me with 4-5 ideas but, as in ‘word of the day: weird!’ none of them are considered standard protocol or have research data to support specific plans in this context (the uni-big boob!).

Thanks for everything. And we do mean ‘everything’. The Lord has taken care of everything we have needed. And we have confidence in His continued provision.


14 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Weird!

  1. Hate that this cancer is doing weird things to my friend. Praying for wisdom and discernment moving forward with treatment and safe trip to Htown. Even weirder how amazing you look even though that cancer is everywhere….you would never know both by the beauty you exude on the inside and outside. I love you so.

  2. My heart is heavy to hear about this new condition! Without ever meeting you I feel I know you and I think of and pray for you often! Much pray for a safe trip and lots of doctor wisdom! God is preparing them now to give you the direction you need!

  3. Hi. I am a woman and a medical technologist. I am very interested to see the pics of your changing breast(s). I continue to pray for you and your family. Stay strong and focused on the Lord.

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  4. Thank you for sharing! Sending Scott prayers – and obviously continuing to send them to you and Linc. What a sweet, reassuring Dog (God spelled backwards, of course)!! 🙂

  5. We love the Clouses and are praying continuously! Praying you can get clear guidance in Houston. You guys encourage everyone around you!

  6. Praying friend. Love seeing the pic of your smiling countenance, you bless so many, always have all the way back to high school! Meredith and I are praying for discernment on your next decisions.

  7. Jenny, I love you beyond words. When I first met you I thought to myself “now there’s a girl I already love and I don’t even know her yet!” Look at this pic! You radiate health and beauty and love. Still. Alas, you have gotten amazingly busy and I am at LTF only 1x week. We may never have a chance at coffee talk. But every night before I fall asleep I listen to the husband’s snore, look at wedding photos on the wall, stare at the baby monitor image of a sleeping beautiful almost-five year old Dodge upstairs and I know you are probably doing the same. Sleep tight tonight beautiful Jenny.

  8. I’m with Todd that you keep your shirt on 🙂 …and agree with others that you are radiant. Praying that docs figure out the weirdness and that God heals it.

  9. You betcha we continue to pray for you. You are amazing and it shows on your face the love and faith you have in God. Anisse

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