Houston Report

We certainly love our Dr. Osborne and today was more confirmation. And especially thankful for access to Houston’s Dr. Osborne (tried to explain this before and may be hard to track but he is huge player in breast cancer – my doctor and doctors from everywhere including the breast cancer docs at MDA go to his breast cancer conference in San Antonio every year). He knows not only the latest and greatest but his responsible for much of that research. He’s also a great teacher! So, though Scott and I looked at each other with ‘over my head’ eyes while the Osbornes talked to each other (she asked to join via conference call), we are confident  that they are smart, they are on our team, and they are creatively trying to solve this dilemma. After a quick conversation and exam he asked to leave and review some more of my file. He came back in probably :20-:30 later and his first words were ‘well, you’re a challenge…’ (He has no idea how true that statement is!) and confirmed that the fact that the trial was effective on the metastatic disease while my boob turns into a water balloon is very confusing! He also explained that the nature of inflammatory (in skin and blood vessels) makes it appear more aggressive than the pathology states (10-15% which is lower than liver and previous breast biopsies). 

I requested prayers for clarity. He answered! Both of the Osbornes agree, unfortunately, that I have to quit the trial despite the positive result in metastic disease. They also both agree on a chemo regimen as the next steps. If I understood correctly, the 2 chemo drugs are generally well tolerated and I know that at least one of them doesn’t cause hair loss. So maybe I won’t be wearing the flashing neon sign (as in a bald head) that I am a cancer patient?!

Not sure when chemo will start but since I already have a port and my Dr. Osborne is rating to go, I won’t be surprised if it is next week. I’ll keep you posted. In meantime, check out this cuteness… 


I am not even sure Lincoln knows we are in Houston. What’s not to love about an slumber party, Easter party, and play date while we are gone? He got the better end of this deal than Scott. But I am quite thankful for my roadtrip-loving sidekick who makes me laugh. During the appt, when we connected with Dr. Osborne via phone he called her ‘Barbara’ (it’s Cindy/Cynthia) and Scott and I were dying (well, really, it’s just me that’s dying but Scott was laughing pretty hard!😉 It’s ok to laugh. At least I think so!). Houston Osborne is very kind but kind of serious so he didn’t even flinch when I worked in ‘Cindy’ (hint hint!) and he couldn’t get out the door before we were laughing so hard at our own awkwardness and inability to recover. Scott said it was ’emergency brake moment’ (Ticket reference?) and that’s a perfect description of what happened in my brain because as he continues on some deep thoughts wondering if this was a new cancer or the same, all Scott and I could hear was ‘Barbara Barbara Barbara Barbara…’ And Scott said all he could see was my eyes get huge and he was trying not to visualize Dr. Osborne being really ticked on the other line (which she wasn’t but made for better visual in our re enactment for ourselves). Gotta love a little cancer comedic relief. And that 3 year old. And sweet family and friends who pray and text and check on us! Big pink love to all.


16 thoughts on “Houston Report

  1. This is Traci from Amarillo (friend of Randy and Debbie Jeffers)

    I Love your precious spirit and the evidence without doubt that you know God has this all in His hands for you! Prayers for you and your sweet family!

  2. I’m loving all the “blessings in the valley”! And so glad you and Scott are laughing because you sure get me laughing. And love seeing Lincoln so happy. Love you, Aunt Janet

  3. Thankful for a chemo to try-praying for no side effects and great results. So happy Lincoln had entertainment! Love y’all. You are a great writer, by the way.
    Precious pictures!

  4. These pictures are precious! Love how the lord has protected and cared for linc during this time. And my friends. I’m afraid mama wouldn’t have let his face get as messy as these pics, but when the cats are away…
    Love you guys!

  5. That is maximum cuteness!. Praying this treatment will go easy on you and be part of His healing plan. In my prayers, love you.

  6. They say laughter can be healing. Keep laughing and kill that cancer! Thankful for your chemo upcoming but know it won’t be fun. May see you in the infusion room. So thankful for our Dr O’s! Love you and praying for healing. Nothing is impossible with God!!!

  7. Precious Jennifer! Even In the midst of trials, you can make me smile☺️ Praying for you, dear one🙏🙏🙏
    Paige Locke💗

  8. Thankful for great doctors, thankful that you and Scott have so much fun together, thankful for chemo that has an opportunity to work, thankful for great fun for Lincoln, thankful most of all for a God who is in charge of all these details! Love you both and praying, praying, praying!

  9. Jennifer, I so appreciate your inspiring writing and the evidence of God upholding all of you !!! I love your heart which I saw at Beloved and that I see here– always so positive, fun, and most of all, a beautiful love and trust in Jesus. I always loved your teaching ( you are very gifted) and it was a privilege to share those times at Beloved. You clearly love well! You are so special and I am praying for you and your family daily!

  10. All I can say is never say never…You know, when Shadrack and his cronies saw the furnace they were about to visit, it must have looked impossible. Who could survive that?!
    Jen, I’m praying for God to show up in a Shadrack way for you via the Osbornes of the world. Thank you for including the Barbara story with your blog. It made me laugh out loud. A symphony of prayers are going up for you!

  11. Thankful for laughter in the midst of hard. I love you and praying for next steps! And just love pics of Linc-he’s a doll!

  12. Prayers for you sweet girl. And I so agree. I would much rather laugh than cry. In my Bible study the other day a point was made about laughter. We laughed before we talked and we should continue laughing until the end of our days. Laughter is prayer-Humble and appreciative, there is no ego in it. I continue to pray for you and your precious family and all the team that takes care of you. Gentle Hugs.

  13. Please film (iPhone) your next comedic relief moment! Just reading your last one brought me laughter and joy. Julie and I are thankful for you and Scott and the way that you see and live in this fading world. You bring honesty and joy to so many of us who live difficulty messy lives.

  14. Cuteness beyond all measure with your precious little fella. And sadness beyond all measure that you have to stop the clinical and go through more treatment. Our dear friends, how we love you and are praying many times EVERY day for you!

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