Dance on Monday. Drugs on Wednesday.

Its a big week around here. And I am not sure which is more noteworthy … Starting chemo again or dancing on stage at my own little dance party … For you that know this ‘very white’ girl well, you will likely agree that the latter is the more relevant for an update!

A few years ago an instructor at the gym encouraged us to try a new class in the new year. As a result, I went into my first Latin Fusion class. It’s actually more hip hop and fun and funky than it is ‘Latin’ – in fact, for all my Lifetime friends, what do yall think about re naming it ‘Bobbie Fusion’? Our teacher is a firecracker with crazy good moves who loves Jesus and loves me. After my first appearance in early 2011, she gave me a pep talk and suggested I not give up for at least 3 classes when I would start to catch on. It was probably 30 classes before I actually caught on and at least 100 before I was having fun. But, until then, I had committed to return because it was oh-so-good for my humility and a great chance to practice getting over myself – bad dancer and all. So, with that back story, maybe you can appreciate that it was a monumental occasion when Bobbie asked to have a class in my honor, let me invite non member friends, and then welcomed me on stage for a little Taylor Swift action. I am still very white and the video I saw confirmed that. But I am more FREE. And have learned to enjoy dancing. And those are incredible gifts! The :75 sweaty and exhausting dance party with a class full of girls in pink (many whom I’ve met but definitely don’t know them all) plus friends I invited plus precious words of encouragement from my yoga teacher (it was actually her class that I took the handstand tumble that would result in broken rib and kickboff this wild ride) was a wonderful gift and perfect way to start my week and a new chapter of treatment.  


Here’s our dance party. Bobbie is just to my right. And Abra, my yoga teacher, is one of the 3 dozen blondes wearing pink:)

And, for the next chapter of treatment, I will start with labs at 11:15 and then chemo at 11:45. Unless of course Dr. Osborne and Christina have decided this would be a good April Fools joke and are punking their patients tomorrow? 

Lots more love from Dr. Osborne this weekend. I was pretty active last week with dancing (had to practice for Monday!) and long walk with a friend and a run with Scott and Cynthia so my back was pretty weak by Saturday night and I tucked myself in early after dinner with friends. Then, a nagging cough I’ve had wouldn’t let up and before long I was telling Scott I thought I had fever. Yep. 101.6. After some Hydrocodone for my back and ibuprofen for my fever, I woke up covered in sweat and was relieved my fever had dissipated. But if there’s anything that gets Dr. Os attention it’s a fever. I always hate to text her on weekends but I told her about our night and she sent me right in for flu test and bloodwork even though fever was better and I had even gone to church (walking like an old lady and asking to be dropped off at the door!). I was thankful for her quick response and direction. And was also thankful that it is bad bronchitis and not the flu or cancer damaging my lungs (yet?). Admittedly, there was some fear and lots of peayer during that long night. I have stated and sincerely felt that I don’t fear death and am excited to be with Jesus but I definitely fear prolonged pain or being bedridden. I know, if that day comes, the Lords grace and strength can, again, be made perfect in my weakness. But I think it would be hard. This was a reminder that I don’t know what the future holds. And a great sense of gratitude and relief that I still feel as strong and ‘normal’ (whatever that is) as I do. And it’s important to me to remain active and fully engaged in my life and people and fun activities. I don’t want to avoid living to avoid dying – or pain. Truly, His grace is sufficient.

Thanks for praying for our family. And especially, now, for praying that these drugs could be effective. This is not a common breast cancer regimen but has had some success with lung cancer patients. Previously, with medicines and chemo and hysterectomy, we have gone to battle against my hormones. Now, these drugs go to war against my DNA. I can’t explain that (or even try) but since chemo wasn’t successful before I wanted to explain the logic behind trying additional chemotherapy. And, if I understand correctly, I will be on a 2 weeks on and 1 week off cycle. Not sure for how many weeks. I think it’s possible, if it is effective, that this could be an indefinite solution. And, if it works, we may know within a few weeks – hopefully in the form of the ‘great deflate’ (Aly, that made me laugh!) of my right boob.

So, here we go. So thankful we aren’t going it alone. Jesus has made His presence and provisions very tangible. As have you.

With pink, praise and love,



17 thoughts on “Dance on Monday. Drugs on Wednesday.

  1. You go girl with those splits!! That looks like a fun group and night,glad to know you’re busy living and able to enjoy activities. You are such an inspiration and gift to our family. Praying for good chemo results with little side effects and that your pain will be managed
    Love and Hugs

  2. Sweet Jen! Check you out doing the splits! Awesome!! I’m praying for you this morning, as I do almost every day! Your spirit and courage are a constant encouragement to me. I saw something the other day which made me think of you (though I did alter the wording a bit to make it more G-rated): “I’m here for donuts and to kick cancer’s butt. And I’m all out of donuts.” Love you, friend!

  3. Oh Sweet Girl, I am praying for you. I’m so glad that their are options in medicine. I’m glad that you are busy and active. You are an encouragement to us all. I’m also glad that you are going to your friend Melanie Shankle’s book signing. (Been reading about that on her page). Praying for you and your family. Love Cathy

  4. “I don’t want to avoid living to avoid dying – or pain. Truly, His grace is sufficient.”
    That will preach…
    Praying for an abundantly full life as God sustains YOU through this next phase. And praying He does some powerful work. Grace upon grace for you, my friend!

  5. You make me laugh hysterically at the crazy things you and your friends do. I so wish I could have seen your dance moves!
    Praying for you now as labs are about to begin followed by your chemo .

  6. Praying for you and your family. You are such an inspiration and I pray the medicine works and keep dancing and living life to the fullest.

  7. You are one amazing lady. Welcome back to the chemo club. Praying hard for a deflated boob! Love your humor. Love even more your trust.

  8. Just read through your post and you are amazing! Through this incredibly difficult trial your faith in the Lord, your sense of humor and love of life shine through brightly. You always bring a smile to my face and often a “laugh out loud” response. You inspire me and many others in how you are so dependent on the Lord and making His faithfulness and provisions to you and your family known to so many. Praying for you this morning and daily.

    Robin H.

  9. Love you dearly, Jen, and as always, am constantly encouraged by the steadfast, transparent, unwavering strength of your faith and walk with Jesus… Keep Dancing! Praying His continued abiding Goodness moment-by-moment for you and your Whole family. Standing with you; by His grace. Renee
    Eph. 2:8-9

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