Driving driving. Waiting waiting…

Thelma and Louise are home from San Antonio. 

And we are ready to celebrate the book debut again tonight at Barnes&Noble in Dallas. Please come join us and meet my peeps.  [So sorry. Gave yall wrong time yesterday. It’s at 7 not 630!]

And, yall. I know not many of us will have a bestie who writes a NYT bestseller so let me tell you that it’s really really cool to see folks lineup to ask for a signed copy of book written by a dear friend of 25 years. And it’s even more cool if you are one of the characters in the book and spend the night in a lovefest being with everyone else that’s also in the book because of years of friendship. Here’s our lovefest:  

I am writing this in installments because I have long periods of waiting on doctor days. Temps been good but don’t yet know about white blood counts. Finished labs and waiting to hear if we get šŸ‘ or šŸ‘Ž for chemo…

Oh just as I wrote that we got the word! šŸ‘ Gotta run so this lady can start my port….


8 thoughts on “Driving driving. Waiting waiting…

  1. Yay! So glad you got to be with your girls to celebrate the book and whohoooo for counts being up! Praying for you, friend! Just in case no one has told you today, but you are amazingly strong and incredibly brave!

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