Chemo is a GO today!

This is Jamie reporting from hospital, and I’m happy to share that chemo is a GO for today!  Jen’s white blood cell count is much improved (even higher than normal range), and Dr Osborne approved her chemo.  Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and encouragement throughout this crazy process.  We are definitely getting a crash course in flexibility this week!  (For example we are still waiting on chemo meds to arrive and it’s currently 3:50pm.  Thought for sure we’d be home by 4!  In the words of Martina McBride, wrong again.)

Speaking of Dr Osborne,  she was so sweet to pop by today and see how Jen was doing.  Jane and I were feeling so proud as caretakers because Jen was sound asleep in her chair,  however Dr O quickly awakened her and ushered us all outside to Baylor’s courtyard to enjoy the beautiful weather and water features while we waited for Jen’s bloodwork to come back from the lab.  (I’m still left wondering how sleeping is bad, and THRILLED she didn’t come 5 minutes later because I was about to curl up in the next chair over.  If sleeping is bad, please nobody tell me.)
We asked Dr O about the nasty cough Jen was having and thankfully she ordered a Z Pack right there on the spot.  Hopefully this cough is just residual from the bronchitis she had earlier and nothing new.  Maybe she can sleep it off.  Oh wait.  

Lastly, since I’m high jacking this post, I want to express how grateful I am to all of you who are loving my friend so well.  I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of everyone.  I truly have never seen such an outpouring of love, and even though Jen is totally worthy of ALL of it, it still amazes me and is such a beautiful picture of God’s love toward us.  

Some precious friends shared scriptures this morning before our hospital visit and I wanted to share one that touched my heart.  

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” Isaiah 26:3

As we all can attest, Jen completely trusts in our Lord and Savior despite her circumstances.   And have you EVER witnessed someone with such perfect peace as she?

Much love,

Jamie (aka B)


10 thoughts on “Chemo is a GO today!

  1. What a sweet, sweet friendship you gals have. I know that you have each grown in Him during this difficult time. Love you lots and praying for God’s hand upon those who walk together as friends. Love ya!!!

  2. No I haven’t really witnessed someone go through what Jen is going through with the trust, faith, grace and humor that she has had since the beginning. I am in awe of the way the Lord has uniquely gifted and entrusted Jen with this trial and His provision through HIs Body! A true and amazing testimony to God’s faithfulness and provision.
    I continue to pray for Jen and her family daily!

  3. I don’t know you but have been reading and praying about you through Melanie’s blog. You are so blessed to have such loving friends and family. And that sweet son of yours…oh my! Continued blessings for peace, comfort, and love!

  4. You know that cancer makes life CRAZY when a friend reads your post and cheers YAY! at going to chemo. It seems so wrong but very glad you got in!

  5. We are rejoicing that the last chemo was a go and are praying your cough is nonexistent by now and that you have no pain. We have been praying for Scott in a special way and precious little Linc. Thanks for sharing the priceless thoughts and comments he has had. What a treasure he is!!!!
    Remember when you found your lost cell at Horn Creek? I keep thinking of that and how much God cares for every detail of your lives. You encourage all of us with your faith and trust in our Almighty God.

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