Little Update

thanks for all the prayers for chemo last week. I am really thankful. And we are seeing some early signs that it may be working. The good news about having the cancer manifest in the parents is that as the apparent changes we are hopeful that means it is working. And we are definitely seeing some subtle changes. Unfortunately, last week, some of my liver numbers were up and we could tell by Dr. Osborne’s thoughtfulness that she was concerned. Twice last week she made references to changing my chemo regimen – indicating that she wasn’t sure the current plan was working. My liver function numbers were up last week and that was clearly concerning to her. Once the liver function numbers are greater than two times the normal range they begin to be concerned. We tipped that level last week. However, they were back down 100 points this week! This is very encouraging. I went in on Tuesday to check my blood levels in preparation for chemo today. The neutrophils had held just barely above the minimum threshold (of 1000) so they brought me back the next day for a shot. They wanted a shot in advance of today to make sure the numbers held. We should know this afternoon if it worked? I actually feel hopeful that it did. Earlier this week, I felt pretty  cruddy. Not sure if it was just a “chemo hangover” which often for me is 2 to 3 days after chemo, or the fatigue from anemia or leftover cough that won’t go away. I got lots of help from friends and thankfully felt much better as the week went along. By gods grace, Lincoln has no idea that all these play dates are sometimes because Mama doesn’t feel so good. But he gives a really great hugs when he comes home and finds Mama on the couch. He and I are getting out this morning to go for a walk and enjoy this gorgeous day, good friends, and then I will head to chemo. I am thankful for your continued prayers for our family, for the treatment to sustain me for extra months or years, and for us to continue to see the faithfulness of our God. He is good. All the time. He can be trusted. He doesn’t make me mistakes. 


11 thoughts on “Little Update

  1. I keep being amazed and in awe of your attitude about your cancer. You are a great example of faithfulness in God. I began following you through Big Mama and so glad i did. Am praying for you and your sweet family. God is good!

  2. Continued prayers for you and your family and praising the Lord for His provision of that sofa and an army of his helpers who are providing for other parts of your care. May you continue to see His Goodness in each minute of your day.

  3. Jen, You are such a testamony to so many people! We love and admire you. May you continue to get your strength from Him. We pray you can enjoy this beautiful weekend.

  4. So thankful for you, Jen and the way you encourage me with your faithfulness. We continue to pray and praise.

  5. Thank you so much for the update Jen – praying the shot worked!
    And thank you for the encouragement and reminder that God is good. All the time.

  6. Jen, I am always eager to read your words…as I’ve always been eager to hear what you have to say:) Your trust in the Lord’s love and His goodness is SO encouraging! I am praying for you, Scott and your sweet boy.

  7. Jen, you probably don’t remember me but I started going to your Highlights bible studies in Dallas in 2003-2004 when you and Cynthia were teaching. I then moved to Colorado and you were kind enough to send some of the studies to me so that I could continue. I just recently learned of your cancer battle when I went home to Dallas to visit my parents. I am so sorry. I am praying for you daily and so inspired by your faith and your attitude. I want you to know that because of YOUR teachings, I was able to reignite my faith life and my walk with the Lord. You and Cynthia taught me so much that I still remember (grace = undeserved FAVOR) and have stored in my heart forever. Those bible studies changed my life. Ever since, I’ve been involved in various women’s studies because I know how much I benefit from community with women and accountability to stay in the Word. I am a runner (more of a jogger, really) and I know that you are too. I recently ran a race and I prayed for you so many times during that race. I have two little boys (4 and almost 7) and I pray for your little Lincoln so often now when I’m praying for my guys. From Fort Collins, Colorado…please know that you and your family are prayed for and loved.

  8. Good grief! You sound like a doc with all the medical jargon! Are you still my friend jennifer?? Where did she go? Praying without ceasing!!! Luv u

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