Surgery Schmurgery.

Yall. This may be brain surgery but let me assure that to the peeps involved (Dr Barnett and Dr Cheek and apparently some brainiac physicists who calculate laser beam ratios) it is Easy Street. It is so non invasive and non complicated that my mom asked (no lie…) if she could ‘push the button.’ The neurosurgeon, Dr. Barnett, maybe shouldn’t have mentioned that there was an ‘easy button’ and that’s pretty much the extent of their involvement on the day of the surgery?!? Before the big day, the doctors (neurosurgeon and radiation oncologist) put their smart heads together to decide what to do (angles and dosage) and then some big brained physicists do calculations to tell the equipment what to do and all that gets loaded into computer, double checked by Dr. Cheek (radiation oncologist) and then they ‘push the button’ which fires some stereotactic laser into my temple for about EIGHT MINUTES. Yes, all of this talk of “brain surgery” boils down to 8 minutes.  The equipment and technology and brains involved in this stuff is so cool. And our medical team is even cooler. After our appointment with Dr. Cheek yesterday (who also did the radiation to breast and neck in 2012) my mom sent me this text:

“Really thought of today’s appt with Dr. Cheek as another encouraging visit. It seems like the neurologist-radiologist-physicist team involved in the radio surgery piece of this are top notch, even if they do keep the physicists in the basement and we didn’t get to meet with him (or maybe it’s the her). 🙂 And how TOTALLY AMAZING is it that sweet Dr. Osborne would call Dr. Cheek while she is on vacation to pave the way for quick treatment for you, and that Dr. Barnett and Dr. Cheek were on the phone together after hours last night about your treatment. Absolutely awesome.”

To say the least, we are thankful. And admire the heck out of all 3 of these doctors and some mysterious physicists in the basement named Dana and Andre.

Today I went in to be fit for the uber tight mask that will hold my head in place to make sure they get the right spot. I also got a CT of the brain that they will overlay on the MRI to even more precisely calculate location and look for any more areas of concern. These people be smart.

The procedure (kind of hard to call it surgery when it’s so easy breezy) is at 230 next Thursday. Of course there are some risks (internal bleeding, swelling, headache or damage to that area which controls speech … That could be bad news bears for this talker!) but none of the doctors expect any complications. And though the tumor is not immediately eradicated it will slowly die, Lord willing, over following weeks and I will get a follow up MRI in 3 months (and the rest of my life). But while we expect this will work, Dr Cheek also told me to expect to have more lesions – but to be encouraged that we can expect to be able to treat them the same way. If for some reason this is ineffective in the targeted area (less than 10% chance I think) then we will do traditional surgery but the lesion is near my skull and in temple area so should he relatively accessible for surgery if needed. It’s tempting to try to ‘milk’ the ‘brain surgery’ for a week’s rest and vacation and doing nothing but the truth is that Dr Cheek said ‘we will have you in and out in an hour or so and should be great for dinner or even a glass of wine that night…’ For reals?  Unfortunately, Jamie has decided she is my personal liver guardian and any reference to alcohol has her coughing and awkwardly saying ‘tumors in the liver’ under her breath. She makes a good Baptist:)

I for sure covet your continued prayers and even though the procedure is simple and doctors are genius we know that the Lord governs all and we trust Him above all. And we trust Him to work through all of the doctors and technology according to His will.

As Job said, ‘shall we accept good from the hand of the Lord and not the bad? … The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord.’

We trust the One who numbered my days even before I was born, the One who loves me even more than the Mama who wanted to check the GPA and credentials of the physicists, the One who is not subject to statistics and the only One who is the Greatest Physician.


21 thoughts on “Surgery Schmurgery.

  1. You are gufted with writing skills and humor! Loved your last paragraph of truth and your sweet mamma wanting to check credentials!!!!! Love it! Love you and continued prayers for you and yours……


  2. What encouraging news about the easy breezy brain surgery! 😉 we will be praying for you and the doctors and the basement physicists next week.
    Meredith and Scott

  3. “Whom have I in heaven but You? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all Your works.”
    Psalm 73:25-26 & 28
    Your life is a testimony to His good work…hang in there, my friend…Praying!

  4. Praise God for the brainiac women and men doctors who can figure this all out and take such good care of you! You are generous, Jennifer, to share all the details of your days with us. It is beautiful to see the Lord holding your hand every step of the way.

  5. My 78-year-old father had brain surgery for a glioblastoma grade 4 tumor on June 23 with a neurosurgeon in Dr. Barnett’s practice — and is doing great! We, too, are seeing Dr. Cheek, and he will finalize Dad’s treatment plan — I believe it’s 6 weeks of daily radiation and oral chemotherapy — next Tuesday. Dad has not yet trusted in Christ, but this recent “curveball” the Lord has allowed to come his way has him thinking a lot more about eternity, and our Heaven study has given me great “nuggets” for our recent conversations. I have told him all about the journey the Lord has you on right now, Jen, shared your most recent blog post with him, and told him how you led our entire study this past week. I shared with him how you are continuing to boldly live for Christ — with great joy — as you proclaim the truth of the Gospel. Please just know God is using your story to encourage him. He told me last night he hopes he might be able to meet you one day. I thought that was so sweet, and I was thrilled because I think the Lord is pricking his heart through you.

    “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows.” 2 Corinthians 1:3-5

    With much love and continued prayer from the Borrego family,


  6. God is good all the time! Amazing doctors and people in your life. Praying for you Sweet Jen! After all you are in the best hands of all “Your Heavenly Father’s Hands”!!

  7. Jen,
    You are the brainiac here. God continues to use your gift of language to share His promise of love and grace for all. I can’t imagine how blessed your physicians feel getting to work with you. And if not for your being willing to share your faith journey with me, I would not know Jesus today. To God be the glory for letting us know you.


  8. Well. Your post on brain surgery has me smiling (THAT’S impressive). And if we are going to be honest, I had a good solid lol a couple of times: keeper of my liver, she makes a good baptist, your mom wanting a GPA report….all hilarious. Our moms should be friends. Once while at OU and having to walk to class on a particularly cold and windy day, my mom called the President of the university to discuss her concerns about my well being. For real.

  9. By the way…first time I met Dr. Barnett, he was serving sno-cones in West Dallas! If he can navigate our 1960’s vintage sno-cone machines from Watermark without lopping off some fingers, he must be a great surgeon!

  10. Good luck with it Jennifer. Only you can find grace and humor in what you are going through! As always you are in our prayers and extra prayers for Scott as I can only imagine how hard all of this is for him. Hugs to all of you, Kathy

    Sent from my iPhone


  11. As I have said before I know way too much about what you are going through. If you are doing cyber knife for brain mets….my BFF Jill had it done, AFTER big brain surgery. She did really well with it Prayers continue from IA. Should you need another  opinion suggest Dr Richard Deming in Des Moines IA….he’s amazing Dr and person. Started Above and Beyond Cancer…google it and be amazed at where he and survivors and caregivers have gone. For laughs…from me and my buddy Greg…if it weren’t for the science and math I could have been a dr!  

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  12. You literally brought me to tears with your last couple of comments about Job. I am going through some very trivial challenges and have been trying to rely on Him for assurance and peace. Yet you do it so graciously. Prayers to you and your family. 🙂

  13. Just wanted you to know that I will be praying for you tomorrow and hope everything goes well. I am an eleven year survivor of stage 3C ovarian cancer and a walking miracle. God is in control.

  14. Praying for you today, especially for no anesthesia hangover and energy to teach next week and prepare for your family trip to CO. Humbled and inspired by your walk of faith!

  15. Jen, praying for you, the doctors, and your family. I too, love reading your posts. You are such a precious person!

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