A little of this. And a little of that.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted … and it’s definitely a “no news is good new” situation.  Or, sometimes, I am just too lazy.  But, I assure you if I am in need or in trouble, I will post … I’ve learned how valuable your prayers are and how sweet your encouragement is.  I’m pretty much spoiled when it comes to prayers and care and concern so I assure you we won’t attempt to walk through a dark valley or season alone.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a really fun girls trip to Florida (gotta love being the beneficiary of a generous husband sending his wife away with her friends!), some not-so-fun bouts of nausea/headaches, and started new meds (palbociclib).  As mentioned in previous posts, these meds, combined with the anti-hormone therapy I’ve been on for awhile (Letrozole), are an interim solution. Hopefully, I can be admitted on the trial in the next few weeks.  The current plan (with palbociclib) is a viable option and I had some positive results previously (when I was on the other trial) but Dr. Osborne likes the options of the trial even better.  You may not remember but when I was on this drug before (combined with 2 other drugs), I had very positive internal results (liver and lungs and lymph nodes around stomach decreased) but simultaneously developed a recurrence of inflammatory breast cancer … so, needless to say, this was very confusing.  Likewise, in my most recent scan, even in the same organ (liver) we see positive and negative responses – the big tumors got smaller but then new tumors appeared.  How shall we say it?!  … WEIRD!  Dr. Osborne agrees. It has made me wonder (in my very ignorant non-medical mind …) if I could possibly have 2 different primary cancers?  She validated the question and reminded me she has tested for that possibility (and even mentioned wishing she could take multiple samples of liver for the same reason but wouldn’t be prudent for my health even though would be fascinating!) but also reminded me/us that cancer is tricky and crafty and, especially mine, seems to have some wildcards but its also known that, over time, as the cells multiply they can be rather heterogenous even from the same primary cancer.  Did I lose some of you?!

With the new meds I had hoped that maybe the hair loss would subside but no such luck (side note: I actually edited today and just found that I had originally typed ‘suck luck’ inadvertently – or maybe subconsciously?!😜 Made me laugh – had to share).  My hair was still coming out in fistfuls with every brush or shampoo and getting thinner and thinner.  Yesterday, during church, I ‘surrendered’ and decided to cut it off.  My sweet friend, Becky Carswell, cuts hair and offered to do it for me right away – so within a few hours of making my decision I had short hair!  I was thankful because once I decided, I was READY. So, I now have really short hair again:) 

Last Thursday, I went in for some bloodwork and to get my monthly bone-strengthening infusion and while I was there, Dr. Osborne called me (I was going to lab and infusion center but not seeing her …) and expressed concern about the nausea and headaches.  There doesn’t seem to be a rhthym or pattern and I’ve never experienced migraines (thankfully, these headaches aren’t like that but she was confirming that I don’t have a history of headaches). So, in her typical amazing-thorough-thoughtful-no-leaf-unturned-Dr.-Osborne-way, she requested an MRI.  The MRI folks called just a little bit ago and scheduled it … for tonight! How about that for fast service? If I recall correctly, the MRI results come back relatively quickly (1-3 days) so I will get back to y’all as soon as I know.

in the meantime, thanks for caring and praying and loving us all.


15 thoughts on “A little of this. And a little of that.

  1. Sweet Jennifer – I send my love to you and my prayers are offered in His name. Consider this note to be sent with a motherly love and heartfelt hug. Also, a kiss right on the forehead at your sweet (while vanishing) hair line. Molly loves/hates this! Still, she smiles and we understand one another. Fondly, Amy

    Amy Cannady amy@amycannady.com 214-353-2785

  2. Eyelash Wishes 2009
    I woke this morning to find my pillow covered with eyelashes.
    I did not mind that I had no hair on my head. I was thrilled I had no hair on my legs, underarms and other places, but my eyelashes?
    There they were: long, dark, thick, and on my pillow.
    The average person has one hundred and fifty eyelashes. There they were on my pillow.
    As children we would may a wish on a fallen eyelash. Here on my pillow I have a hundred and fifty or more.
    So here goes:
    I wish for a world without breast cancer! Repeat 149 times
    Judy Kayse
    December 2009

  3. Jenn, you and your blog are a beacon of lightand hope for so many. I have surely told you this before, but you strengthen my faith all the time. Just the thought of you brings prayer and comfort to my own struggles. Sadly I have met some women recently who are in personal need of the humor, wit and raw reality you bring. I know you will lift them up in your prayers and I will encourage them to follow you along for the strength you give everyone.

  4. Did you hear or see the story on NBC Nightly News about two weeks ago of the cancer reduced by a drug meant for melanoma, I believe, but the cancer it was treating with success in the trial did not originate as melanoma? The story was by Anne Thompson.

  5. Jen, your love, faith and trust in the One who is Trustworthy are really just so awesome and encouraging, AND remind me personally that this is not my home. Thank you for sharing through your blog. I’m praying consistently for you and your sweet family.

  6. Damn it woman… you are beautiful and can rock short hair like a boss! Thankful for the update and am praying for you and your sweet family. xo

  7. Been missing your e- mails. Thought all my prayers were answered ,but forgot to pray for “hair”. Heck, Jen, I met you with no hair so ,,so what. All the men are blurring theirs. Glad for the girly trip. Nothing is better than that. You can really let your hair down. HaHA. Bad joke. Here is praying all will go well. I think of you all so much. You are so strong in your belief. God is watching over you every minute. Love Anisse

    Sent from my iPad


  8. The hair is adorable. Love, love , LOVED the imbedded link. You are such an IT amazement! And, as always, astounded by you perfectly PINK “let’s do it” attitude. XOXO

  9. Jen – I love the short do! You look great and I’m glad to hear what is going on.. Am hopeful and will continue to pray for all things medical…your trust in the Lord continues to encourage me! Love to you!

  10. Continuing to pray for you Sweet Jen. Your outward and most of the time (I’m sure there are many not so brave times) encouraging to all of us and brave and Godly strength I admire and cherish so much! I’m not sure if that sentence made a whole lot of sense but….. So glad you had a wonderful girls trip. Continue to update and know you are in my prayers. Love Cathy

    • Jennifer…..
      There are VERY few gals who can pull off your new “do”!! It is adorable and girlfriend, HOT PINK is your color!

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