Quick numbers update…

Sorry I didn’t report on Friday but it was a looong day at the doctor. Good news … Platelets are up to 90k. Even cute nurse Nancy said ‘your prayers are working…’ when she told me. And then she requested that we also pray for ANC because they were up (to 110,000) but not enough (need 150,000). So, this morning, I head back in to check again. And would love your prayers.

We also did a CT scan of chest, pelvis and neck and, in short, there is more of everything everywhere. Nothing is visibly impeding functions and my liver and kidney numbers are still functioning well (evidenced through blood tests). I was kind of hoping for answers to why I don’t feel better but that’s not yet clear. We also had a bone scan but didn’t get the results. My novice and uneducated opinion is that my bones are weakening from the cancer and that’s the source of the back pain. I needed a lot of pain meds over the weekend and I am torn between sad about not feeling good and overwhelming gratitude (to the point of tears as Scott and I prayed on Sunday) that I have access to such good medicine. BMy heart is heavy for the suffering around the world where medical relief is unavailable. The Lord is using my pain to prompt me to pray for others.

IF we get a good set of numbers today we could possibly start the trial on Wednesday. But there’s lots more paperwork and we have to order and have the medicines shipped so many moving parts. However, all of that is dependent on good blood numbers. Would love prayers. And I can send an update later this morning – I suspect I will know something in the next couple of hours.

Thanks for partnering with us in prayer…


21 thoughts on “Quick numbers update…

  1. Dear sister in Christ, I started following your blog when I read about you in Big Mama’s blog. Your plight is heart wrenching yet I feel your joy through your troubles. You are a living testament to our Lord’s loving kindness. I pray for you whenever you come to mind. Bless you and your sweet family. Either way your story goes, it will certainly be to God’s glory.

  2. You don’t know me, but I read your blogs faithfully. You and your family are in my prayers so very much! You are a strong, beautiful, Godly woman. I am so sorry you are having to endure this horrible disease, but be assured God is using you in a powerful way to show the greatness of faith!! I will never stop praying for you and a miraculous recovery!! ❀

  3. Praying for you now-I love you! I hate that you’re in pain but love that your reaction is to be brokenhearted for others in pain.

  4. Praying for amazing number and for the start of the the trial to move along without issues. Praying that you feel His presence as you go through this morning

  5. Jenn…I am praying specifically for a good set of numbers. Daily I pray for you, Scott and Lincoln as I am fully aware of the blessings of cancer and the pain and difficulties as well. You are being lifted up by so many. I envision your friends and family holding up your arms as God uses you to part the Red Sea, to impart His love and truth to many others, to love Scott & Linc well, to … to be you. It is a privilege to call you my friend … my sister in Christ. Much love, Greg Murtha

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