That was the news I got in a text from Dr. Osborne! 

And thought it was worth repeating here.

ANC was up to 1.8 (needed 1.5) and Platelets were 149 (needed 75). Super thankful.

Nancy will initiate process of ordering the meds today and we will start as soon as they are processed and here – hopefully Wednesday but maybe Thursday.

So encouraged by your many prayers and texts and now praises with our family.



30 thoughts on ““Yeah!!”

  1. We do indeed serve a loving and caring God. Your faith and joy in the Lord is such an inspiration to me. Praying faithfully!

  2. Yea!! Will continue to pray that you FEEL better, as well as the drugs come in, and you can get started. Thank you for sharing your heart!! xoxo

  3. Praise the Lord for answered prayer! So thankful and humbled by His heart. Will be praying for mercy and healing upon your precious body with this new treatment.

  4. We rejoice with you in the good numbers today!! So thankful you will be able to start the trial meds. soon. We continue to read every post and pray for you often!!! What an amazing witness you are to a lost and dying world!! Press on dear sister in Christ!!! Love from Russ & Julie Collins

  5. So excited for your news and I love the way that Nurse Nancy is coming along. Jennifer you are a great example to so many – thank you for your testimony

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