Wednesday is D-Day. D is for Drugs. And G is for Gratitude.

We are scheduled to start in the morning. Have to pass the blood test again but hopeful with much higher numbers yesterday (supports Dr Os theory that I had bottomed out at end of cycle of last treatment). Then we get 400mg of a fancy drug and then 4 hours later an EKG to check my heart. 

I also got results yesterday from rest of scans – from the neck and bones.

As Nancy said about my neck even before the scan – “I think it’s safe to assume it’s cancer. What else would be growing in your neck?” Duh. And I sometimes appreciate the non technical explanation. The technical report describes them as ‘suspicious for cancer.’ Far less clear. 

The bone scan required me to spend a substantial amount of time researching vocabulary words. I haven’t seen Dr. Osborne for her to interpret them yet so I was left with just me and the Google.  I will include the image for you so you can appreciate the vocabulary test too?  

Did the doctors and nurses reading this just chuckle at the HIPPA foul?! 

And I had to laugh that after all the detailed language they summarize by saying, in my words, 0lots of cancer in spine and appendages.” Really?! That’s all you got?πŸ˜‰

And my CT scan summary was equally overwhelming and hard to interpret.  

 I am pretty sure it says ‘it’s everywhere … And growing.’ So, for this reason, we are thankful that we have access to yet another medicine since this ugly cancer has yet to be stopped by the meds we’ve tried to attack it with. 

Thanks for praying with us for blood and the trial and now for relief from this destroyer of my body. Grateful we surrender to the One who has made the body, sustains the body, and numbers my days. We are in good hands.

Oh and just in case the other images were a little heavy, there’s nothing like a new puppy to make us all smile, huh?! Even better that it’s not our new puppy but he also happily found a new home on Gillon with our family and the Fronterhouses. Linc is in love. 


12 thoughts on “Wednesday is D-Day. D is for Drugs. And G is for Gratitude.

  1. That is heavy stuff. Praying for things to go well with the trial. Puppies and cute little boys are great spirit lifters. πŸ™‚

  2. Praying this drug is “the one”. πŸ˜‰ The world needs more Jenn Clouse’s wandering around. I don’t think I have ever seen you and not smiled ear to ear. Lots of love and prayers.

  3. Makes me sad to read this, but thank you once again for ending with a smile for my face with the precious picture of Lincoln. Hugs and prayers to all of you. You are one brave and faithful woman!

  4. Praying this trial is the one that will kill all the cancer cells. And your precious little boy looks just like you! So sweet.

  5. Praying for the new drugs to KO the cancer!! Celebrating tomorrow with you & praying for strength for your body, heart, & mind & NO ill side effects. Love to you & that precious little one (the two legged one)!

  6. What can I say ? I am speech less.
    Go away cancer. God, please take care of Jen and her family. I pray so much for them every day. Take care of them.
    Jen , you are so brave and so full of God grace.. Surely this new treatment
    Will be the answer.
    Love always, anisse

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