Better. And off to the Beach!

Jamie picked me up yesterday at 7:30 and we found Nancy in a reserved conference room with her notepad to document my every move by the minute (8:26 Zofran, 8:32 1/3 bagel…). And just in case there was ‘an incident’ she had this…. 

 It definitely crossed my mind to heave a couple of times but I didn’t! And it wasn’t fun but it’s done. And I just did it again, without her supervision, on our flight to Florida:) Maybe my body will become acquainted with these medicines but in the meantime I feel the power of your prayers to keep them down and keep the medicine in my body.

And we’re off… In case you don’t know, that’s Lincoln – and he doesn’t like to have his picture taken.

We left early this morning headed to Watercolor thanks to generous friends who offered their house. Aunt Gigi is traveling with us now and our dear friends the Washingtons are also en route. Tomorrow, Aunt CC and Uncle Hite will join us. 

I think the beach is exactly what I need – peace, beauty, fun with friends, and a reminder of how very big our God is. And near and close at the same time.

Love to all.


9 thoughts on “Better. And off to the Beach!

  1. HOORAY!!! HUGE PRAISES!!!! SO happy you are able to keep down that medicine!! I feel like jumping around!! Loving you and lifting you up…have the very best time at the beach with your beautiful family. I hope you just feel His angels wrapped all over you when you look out into that beautiful ocean. Love and huge and prayers

  2. I am thankful for nurse Nancy’s, medications, and free places to stay in seaside. Love you and I know you are grateful too!

  3. I- pad messed up and did not know about the beach, medicine, or see cute pic of Lincoln.
    But did see the pic of you and you look so good with the big smile. You are just the best. The trip sounds fun and will be so wonderful to see more of the wonders of God.
    How thankful we can be of his beauty and love for you and your love for him.
    Have a great time . The trip is good medicine. And, no more up chucking– I call it that. Love you and admire you so much. Anisse

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