Good Friends and Indians. Or Not. 

We are in a super hard and super sweet spot when it comes to Lincoln. Hard not to be with him all the time, hard to see his outbursts of anger knowing his little world is upside down, and can be challenging to coordinate the people/places/plans of his little world without me at the helm. But when I think back on this season I have no doubt that the strongest memories when it comes to Lincoln will be how incredibly sweet it is to have a host of friends and family that love him, care for him, feed him, organize his closet, play with him, pick him up from school, take him to school, give him costumes when we needs costumes, read to him, and even take him to get his haircut. 

We have many heroes like these and on any given day any number of precious friends is stepping in to make his very abnormal life as normal as possible. Today, that friend is his Aunt JJ..
She took him to Chapel School where all the kids were expected to dress like pilgrims or Indians. Or not. This is the report I got: Well dressing up as Indian or pilgrim was NOT in Linc’s plans for today. He was intent on being a shark. Sweet Kate Meyer offered to give him “Indian face paint” and he said “only if you paint a shark on my cheek.” I tried to play it up and say “oh awesome…let’s put on the Indian tshirt and your Indian name can be “Little Shark”. Not so much. 

And if you look closely at this picture you might like to add “Little Shark Who Needs a Haircut.” After B sent y’all the hospital picture yesterday I was a bit taken aback at how overdue we were for a haircut so asked Jenn to help with that today after school. And I got this report:

He just said “JJ” under his breath…I looked up to see this– notice the adorable thumbs up in his lap 👍 

So we are thumbs down for dressing up but thumbs up for our lollipop with favorite stylist, Tempe. 

And then she sent me this update:

We are having a good day even with wheels off thanksgiving feast! 

He just said “my mom is coming home today!”

I said “well, you know what…I just heard from your mom and the doctors have decided to keep her in the hospital for one more night.” 

He said “but my dad told me she’s coming home…” 

Me: I know buddy….that’s what we all thought too. 

Linc: this is not fair. The Drs just can’t keep my mom

Me: I know it doesn’t feel fair. They are trying to give her medicine to give her energy…

Linc: why can’t she just drink a drink for energy? 

I think it’s fair to say that Lincoln is thumbs down for another night in the hospital for Mama?! Thankful that he is headed this way to see me in a little bit. Excited to get my arms around this cuteness…

 And then I’ll fall happily back asleep I’m sure. That’s where I’m headed now…
Thanks for the sweet prayers and messages. And my dear friend Alex confessed it’s hard not to come see me but, as I told him, he would be very disappointed to come watch me sleep. I marvel that my body’s sleep needs seem insatiable. But I’ve never been one to turn down a good nap when it was an option. Night night with much love…


23 thoughts on “Good Friends and Indians. Or Not. 

  1. Jen, it’s a blessing to read your entries and to pray for you during these tough days. Praying the Lord will continue to strengthen your heart with His grace. “It is good for our hearts to be strengthened by grace…” Hebrews 13:9. Your are deeply loved.

  2. Every day is a gift. YOU are a gift, my friend. You strengthen my commitment to my relationship with Jesus. You are powerful beyond your humility.

  3. Love that JJ! Love the “Aunty Spotlight” column 🙂 Grateful with you for community! And praying for more energy, sweet friend! >

  4. Isaiah 40:31
    but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

    Agree with Lincoln. It’s not fair.

  5. Love you sweet friend! Praying for you and sweet Lincoln! He is always a joy to have in art! So meticulous about his work and always attentive! Praying you will have renewed strength and energy!

  6. Father…please be with this sweet family. Wrap your arms around them and continue to support them in the ways you have. What a blessing to travel this journey with them from afar. I pray for Linc and his little heart…make him a man after your own heart. I pray for Scott and his ability to love and lead through this craziness and I pray for Jen and her energy, her rest, her strength, … I want healing…I beg you for her healing, I want a miracle, however, even more than that I ask that YOUR will be done. Align my heart with yours. Amen.

  7. Keeping you in my prayers for comfort and healing. What an amazing warrior you are and a precious momma! Your testimony and faith is a blessing to me.

  8. Has Lincoln gotten taller since “Aunt Camp” with Melanie and Gulley? He looks like he has. Maybe he’s trying to be like those long-legged “cousins”!

    Continued wishes for strength to you, your family, and dear friends.

  9. Praying for God’s peace for all of you but especially for Lincoln…that he will know God’s love through all who surround him.

  10. I read these sweet words and am reminded of how precious this life is and from the eyes of this sweet child, how he just wants his mom…I know Gods ways are higher than ours and I truly trust Him and His word but my heart hurts for your sweet family…Lincoln sounds like my oldest, I love his determined spirit to be a shark. ..that’s good, he is a fighter and I know will be used by our precious Lord in this life…which is truly a pin prick compared to our eternal destination

  11. Just want to say that I know you have so many closer friends and heard of their broken heartedness and un ending prayers for you, but I just want you to know that I am one of them. You are an amazing woman and I still see your handprint all over Beloved , and think and pray for you as I remember the wonderful days you were there and the fun and blessings we all shared. The strength of your faith in King Jesus is such a gift to witness. I carry that in my heart and it surrounds the prayers I pray for you and your family in this very confusing journey. I will not stop praying for your healing and comfort, though I do wrestle with God as I go , trying to reach that place of complete trust as you do so well.
    Just another heartfelt sentiment from one who is helping fill in the gap as you are so tired. Love in him. XO

  12. Jen, I have never commented on your blog before although I’ve been praying for you a long while. Please know that your “story” – in other words, your LIFE, is touching many people all over the world. I read your posts and am amazed and encouraged by your deep faith. I know Jesus is holding you and your precious family in the nail-scarred palm of His hand, but that doesn’t take away the HARD. We continue to pray that He will comfort you with His peace and presence and that He will bring miraculous healing to your body, in whatever way He chooses. Thanks for being a light in the midst of your dark times.

  13. Dear Jen,
    I continue to cling to the hem of Jesus garment for you, as the woman did for herself many centuries ago. I am asking Him to pour out His power for all you and your family need, and more.
    Much love,
    Susan Lewis

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