If only this were the Four Seasons…

written by: Jamie Kraus

If only this were the Four Seasons Resort & Spa instead of Baylor Hospital, Jen would be thrilled for her extended stay.  However, the only cold refreshing towels being served to her are by me after a violent episode of vomiting.


It looks a lot like this.  Without the cute little tongs of course.

Our sweet friend has had a really rough week.  Thank you for your prayers, calls, cards & concern.  Jen & Scott appreciate the many engines that keep this train moving in spite of this set back.

Dr. Osborne & Dr. Casanova were in for a visit today and have formulated a plan for Jen’s pain relief & discomfort.  Please continue to pray for her as she remains in the hospital at least for another night.

Will keep you posted when we have more news.  Or find some tongs.

Much love and gratitude,

Jamie (aka B)

Great is thy faithfulness.  Great is thy faithfulness.  Morning by morning new mercies I see; All I have needed thy hand hath provided.  Great is thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me.





17 thoughts on “If only this were the Four Seasons…

  1. I thank God that jJen, my sister in Christ (whom I’ve never met), has my sister in Christ Jamie (likewise), to hold her up. Prayers over both of you.

  2. Great is Thy Faithfulness is one of my favorites. Thank you Jamie for keeping us in the know. Your faithfulness to Jennifer is so inspiring and encouraging to all of us as an example of the words in the Bible that a friend loves at all times. As friends we too are walking steps behind in the background but close in prayer support for each of you. Stay strong in the Lord’s strength and please feel our love and support from the sidelines.

    my love,

  3. Jennifer,
    I am a family friend of Scott’s from Tyler. I have been praying for you ,Lincoln and Scott daily since June. I have never seen true faith in our Lord Jesus until I read your blog. Your faith is not only touching people, but saving souls. I have never met you, but your transparency is a true gift. I pray daily that you will feel comfort and no pain. You are a true inspiration and you have left a huge mark on my heart. Thank you for sharing this journey. You have no idea the huge impact that you are making. God Bless You.

  4. Jamie, you are as funny as Jen is. Loved that picture; and the tongs!
    Please tell Jen that even those of us in Tyler who she may not know well are praying for her! I pray the doctors can help her with the pain!

  5. I am in awe at the level of faith shown by you, your friends, and family. I pray that your pain stops Now. I pray that the cancer is gone Now. I pray for complete healing and I do know our Father can do this but I also know that He has a greater plan than we can see. Also, I know He is holding you, Scott, and Lincoln in His hands and will lead you unerringly through this. So, I pray for comfort and peace for the three of you but also for the extended family and friends that are doing their best to support and love you throughout this journey. You don’t know me but I have been in your bible studies either in person or by the audio you post and want you to know the positive impact you have on all that have enjoyed you humorous approach to faith and life with all its foibles. I pray for you and rejoice in the promises that will be fulfilled.

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