written by: jamie kraus

We laughed at our friend Hite the other day for using the title ‘Friendsgiving’ for a picture he posted on social media.  (Apparently this is really a thing because I’ve seen it a few other times since then).  And while I am definitely not as hip as Hite,  I am officially coining the term ‘Homegiving’.  I’m pretty sure that’s what you get when you combine homecoming and Thanksgiving.  It seems only fitting that since our Jen got to come HOME from the hospital today (yes, you read that right), we can celebrate her homecoming along with celebrating Thanksgiving.  All in the same week!!  I’ve always loved a 2 for 1 deal.  But this one seems extra sweet.

Drs. Casanova and Osborne determined that Jen was well enough to leave the hospital when they visited this morning.  And let’s be honest.  Jen’s reaction to that news would have been pretty excited without medication.  But Jen on steroids?  Please tell me you’ve seen ‘There’s Something About Mary’ because Jen’s actual reaction was akin to Magda’s energy level after she accidentally swallowed a ‘mystery’ pill in her drink.

magda.jpgI’ve known Jen for over 30 years and I really don’t think I’ve ever seen more energy exude from that body of hers.  I guess after 9 days of being cooped up in the hospital, the thought of going home jazzed her up a bit.

Too bad I already vacuumed my couch this week.

Jen said the only one not jazzed up about her going home would be Lincoln, as he’s grown very fond of his hospital room (Pickens 518).

Here he is with his first ‘pet’ aptly named Ladybug.  Juju took him for a walk around the hospital one day and he found the pet he’s always wished for.   T. Boone, you’ve done it again.  Thanks for making dreams come true.


As cute at Ladybug was, no one else was fighting to stay one more night.  Except maybe Phil Collins.

Over the past year, we have been praising our heavenly Father for the ‘small victories’ (as we call them) on this journey.  Today, we praise Him for allowing Jen to come home.  These are our praise hands.


We also praise Him for the care of the nurses, the wisdom of the physicians, the countless acts of kindness that occur on a daily basis, and the friends who ADORE and take care of the precious 4 year old owner of “Ladybug”.  All gracious gifts from above.

Jen and I also had a nice little chat today on the way home from Baylor about the Lord miraculously providing all she had needed to get through each day in the hospital.  He truly is steadfast and faithful.  And even though being home from the hospital will prove to be a challenge in many ways (organizing Jen’s daily medications would make even the most type A person sweat), we will cling to the promise that our Lord will meet her every need in the days to come. (Philippians 4:19)

[A side note: the difference between me and Jen writing this blog?  I had to google the reference to that verse and she would have nailed it from memory.  Just keepin’ it real.]

Many of you have inquired about what the future holds for Jen. If she knew,  I promise she’d be the first one to tell you.  But the hard truth is none of us know.  Not even the doctors.  Yes, she’s home from the hospital.  But that doesn’t mean that she didn’t throw up an hour after she returned home today.  Is this her new normal?  Most likely.  I’ve learned that stage 4 cancer is like an uninvited visitor that has overstayed its welcome, and has no intentions of ever leaving.

For now, we continue to pray for peace & comfort for Jen, Scott & Linc.  All it takes is one look at this picture to prove that God is providing just that.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

And Happy Homegiving to the Clouse house.

With a grateful heart,


PS: Just got word that CC has already made a spreadsheet of Jen’s daily meds so the ‘medical management team’ (aka her helicopter friends) can keep it all straight.  THANK YOU CC!!!



29 thoughts on “Homegiving

  1. Amen and amen…grateful for the “HOMEGIVING”….there’s no place like home! And thankful for TODAY. Matthew 6:34 “…do not be anxious for tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself.”

  2. So very glad that Jen got to come home today! Hope the ladybug got to come home too. Happy Thanksgiving to the Clouses. I know they are planning to come to Tyler for Thanksgiving and I hope they can still do that! Blessings, Sarah Bryan, Tyler

  3. We are so very thankful Jen is home! We will be praying for a sweet Thanksgiving and for continued peace and God’s steadfast love to be easy to see!
    Scott and Meredith

  4. Glad to hear such great news! I continue to pray for you and ask for God’s healing. I found your blog through Melanie, so I don’t personally know you; but I have sure been praying for you and your family. Your faith has been a blessing to me. You have touched my life and for that, I thank you.

  5. When I see an email from Pink.Pray.Love, the world stops, so I can read it. Thanks for the updates, it helps us know how to pray for Jenn and her family and friends. Someone must tell me the story behind Jenn’s bracelets..I’m betting they have meaning. Also, the holy spirit is definitely in that hospital room to get a 4 year old sound asleep in his momma’s bed and a corner of the room. 😉 My 4 year old would be a handful. God knew the one(Linc) to give Jenn and I have no doubt Lincoln’s unique experience, as all of ours, will play out for a unique story in God’s world. Lots of love to the faithful Jenn from one of her faithful admirers.

  6. Love this wonderful update, Jamie. I’m SO very happy Jen gets to be home on Thxgiving and I do love the Homegiving name–so perfect! I appreciate ya’ll so much. Hugs from Clan McFarlane

  7. As much as Jens exceptional friends and family are constantly caring for Jen and Linc, seemingly addressing all there wants and needs, I hope everyone is aware and respectful of Scotts( admittedly an introvert) wants and needs. Most Certainly I am not presuming anything , this is born out of personal experience, hindsight being 20/20. My sister, her daughter (was 3), and husband went trough a similar situation years ago. We didn’t mean to, but I know my other 5 siblings, and I kind of overwhelmed my beloved brother-in-law. We thought it was our right because ( list any justification you want ) the truth is, while it is heartbreaking for all no ones lives will be impacted as much as the husbands – even if he has known her the shortest amount of time. It took me years to truly understand that. So on the off chance any of you need a reminder or different perspective…. I sincerely believe Scott, Jen -and Linc are lucky to have you all in their corner, Jen – your incredible faith, grace, love, and strength will be a lifelong beacon for both Lincoln and Scott. I hope you know that in these few years you have had with Lincoln you have set an incredibly strong foundation for him.

    Praying for you and yours,



  8. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Wonderful news. Praying for a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving for everyone. Prayers for Jen and her sweet family and friends. Thank you again for posting.

  9. So happy you are home for Thanksgiving! Enjoy every single minute of it. Praising God for all that is good. Thank you Jamie for keeping us updated.
    Jamie–please take care of yourself–as the dedicated care giver in the same situation several years ago I sometimes forgot to care for me so I could care for my friend and her family. I’d do it all over again for one more hour with her.

  10. Jen looks so beautiful in these photos! And what a sweet peaceful photo with Lincoln! Jen’s strength of mind and will are a true testament to her faith and such a blessing to witness. I hope and pray she gets to enjoy all the holidays at home with her family and friends. Sending warm hugs and prayers, Rhonda

  11. I love it…Homegiving – just perfect Jamie! So thankful Jen is home in time for Thanksgiving!! Our prayers continue for you all.

  12. Jen,
    So thankful you’re home with your family.
    We will continue to pray for strength, healing, and precious moments with your friends and family.
    She is clothed with strength and dignity;
    She can laugh at the days to come.
    Proverbs 31:25
    “Camp Davis”
    Eddy, Shannon, Sophie, Cole, Cash,Sadie
    Faye, and little “Cashy”

  13. so very glad you were home with Scott and Lincoln for Thanksgiving. Love and prayers for peace and for any miracles according to His Will. We love you from Decatur, Lewisville, and Portsmith, VA. We love you.

  14. What a perfect name for the joyful change …….. “homegiving”! I am laughing at Jen vacuuming the couch! What a riot! Lincoln is a doll and all you girls, friends, family taking the very best care of Jen and her family … angels on earth!

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