The goodness of God…

Is so rich and deep and wide.

And the safest place for my fears to hide.

I dreaded these days and didn’t know what to expect.

I prayed for deliverance and He hasn’t failed me yet.

With the gifts of medicine and praying friends

I proclaim His goodness to see me through to the end.

I never dreamed these 2 days could go so well.

I’m doing great – unlike the previous hell.

No moaning or groaning or even a gag.

Just peace and joy from a God we can nag.

Friends prayed and some fasted too.

And now I celebrate that He answers you.

Thanks for taking my needs to His throne.

And reminding me I’m never ever alone.

He has sat with me on the cold bathroom floor.

And understood when I asked – can I  take anymore?

He has guided and provided every step of the way.

And it’s His gift of relief that I’ve enjoyed this day.

For tomorrow’s teaching, I was prepared to cancel if needed.

Instead, I get to share my excitement for Heaven that He has seeded.

He’s good like that. All the time.

And I wanted to share – even if it’s a lame rhyme.

His goodness is deep and rich and wide.

And His praise so worthy that my heart can’t hide…

His goodness and gifts that He shares so clearly.

And the answers to prayers of those He loves so dearly.

So thanks for lifting our needs to the King.

And reading my praises as I joyfully sing…

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Praise Him all creatures here below.

Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts.

Praise Farher, Son and Holy Ghost.


38 thoughts on “The goodness of God…

  1. Jennifer you are the most outstanding young lady I have ever known in my lifetime what you have done on this earth all you have been here is on believable you continue to minister to us as you go through each day I am so proud of you and your love of your savior you bless me every time I read one of your blog I love you Jennifer and pray for you every every day

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  2. Praise God. What an amazing testimony of God’s mercy, grace and goodness. Thank you so much for posting these updates. I have been thinking of you so much and praying for God presence and power all over you. You amaze me. God is so faithful.

  3. so relieved that your day had less suffering. And that poem-you are a rapper girl! I am blown away by your ability to minister to us. Love you.

  4. I’m blown away, overwhelmed at his answers to us!! Thank you, God of grace. And thank you, Jen for your faithfulness to keep pointing us all to Him. You are His encourager to me!!!!

  5. Another talent. The poem is so perfect and so sweet. How do you do it. .?
    I know. God has helped through another crisis. He is so good and has blessed you again with a day without being sick.. How wonderful he is.
    Just knowing your faith. You and Scott , have a wonderful day tomorrow.
    You will bring so many to Christ. I so wish I could be there.

  6. Love you, Jenn… Inspire means God-Breathed…And blessing is being made holy. Is Jesus’ prevailing Goodness, indeed. Thank you for your soul-advantaging, Love-Letter (Bible)-rooted, boundless, others-driving, eternity-satisfying, precious, Love-nourishing, LovingKindness and Stewardship. With His Gratitude, Love, Affectation, Comfort, Peace, Wisdom, Strength, Appreciation, and Joy beyond measure… Romans 8:28 ❤

  7. Wow, so beautifully rhymed. So beautifully said. I know God loves the way you praise him…. Wish I were in the area to hear you rejoice tomorrow.

  8. I have followed your blog for over a year referred by Schaefer. Just recently was diagnosed with breast cancer myself at age 60. I pray I can be as graceful as you have been as I begin my journey. You have taught me as a Christian woman how to live with cancer and give God the glory.



  9. So so beautiful Jen!! Thank you for sharing this good news. It is such a wonderful reminder that God knows, he cares, he listens to our prayers and he holds every moment in his hands. Grateful for you and the way he is touching sooooo many others (like me!!) through you. Will be praying for Training Day tomorrow too.

  10. What an answered prayer and so beautifully articulated!! So grateful you are feeling good!!! I still so vividly remember you teaching Acts for the women’s study at Watermark👍🏻. You are SO incredibly gifted and I can wait to hear how God works through you tomorrow😘. Continued prayers for healing and pain free days! Love and Hugs to you JENNIFER.

  11. He’s a good good Father!!! I am so thrilled for you, Jen:). Praying for your teaching tonight and for those hearts that you will touch by your story. I would pay BIG MONEY to see you rap your poem💕💕! Truly the BEST news:).

  12. Oh, Jen! I can’t tell you how this news blesses me. I wrote your chemo on my calendar at work and circled the 2 days after as well so that I would remember (I am getting OLD and forgetful) to pray. What a joy to find that our great and loving Savior made your path smoother this round. He is so amazing. Thanks so much for letting us know. God bless.

  13. How blessed I am to be alive the same time you are! You are an incredible inspiration and IT IS AN HONOUR to be your sister in Christ. I pray the Lord miraculously heals you and continues to raise you and your family up!!

  14. Waiting for this comment page to appear and then suddenly the most joyous picture of the Clouse family pops up! Brings an instant smile! Lincoln is the most beautiful boy…but then again Mamma C already knows that! Jenny, it was so incredible to see your precious face two Fridays ago at LTF and even though it was from through the studio glass, I could see your face beaming at me. Never cease to amaze me, girl. I just turned 50 and I wonder what I want to be when I grow up: I want to be that woman who ministers to others even when its her who should be comforted. You didn’t ask for this position in life and maybe prior to getting sick, never realized the potential within you, but WOW you are good, you are good, you are good. Dodge continues to lift you up in his evening prayers. I know you feel the power of the simplicity of a 5 year old. Love you.

  15. Jen,
    I am a faithful follower of your blog. The Lord reminds me often to lift you in prayer, but He also directs me to your website and you actually encourage others and myself!
    I will forever stand in the gap, and believe His miracles for you, Scott and Linc.

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