Heaven 101

It’s been a wild week and some new developments and highs and lows (more later…) but FOR SURE the highlight of  our week was Saturday morning discussing heaven with friends. It was precious to meet new people and be with so many friends – surprise friends from Houston and Oklahoma and other Watermark friends I haven’t seen in a long time plus family and those that are near and dear walking this road closely with us.  I loved doing it with Scott though he’d be quick to say his part was short – I don’t disagree but just fun to hear him articulate our story and Gods provisions and sit with me to interact with the group. The group was great and shared honestly about their fears of the unknowns as well as asking  many fun questions … Will we recognize each other in heaven? Where do we go immediately when die? Do people in heaven see us on earth? Where is heaven? What about babies and unborn children? What about pets? What will we do?! The people that came were sooo engaging and I loved it. And wanted to share it for that if that are interested. I’ve been blessed by those of y’all who asked if it was recorded and wanted to listen. 

As you wish…


My not-so-fancy handout:  




7 thoughts on “Heaven 101

  1. Huge thumbs up to this. Blessed SO much by Saturday! Praising God that you had energy and you have such a sweet desire to share what you’ve learned. Plus, you looked super-chic 🙂 XO


  2. Thank you for posting this link! This message put me in tears multiple times, praising God for our future hope as well as grieving with you for this fallen world. I was in your Highlight study years ago, and you encouraged me so much in singleness and waiting on the Lord. I felt so blessed while listening to you teach now, with your same passion, courage, and joy! Magnified! What a testimony! Praying for the Holy Spirit to deeply comfort your heart as you grieve things here. Thanks so much again for sharing your speaking gift with us. Come, Lord Jesus!

  3. Your love of The Lord is so very infectious. Your insights and teaching styles are awesome, Jennifer. Thank you for sharing this amazing day!

  4. Jen- I just listened and am so encouraged!! And pumped!! I think I’m going to read the book by Randy Alcorn that you mentioned. Thank you for using your gifts for all of us.

  5. Jen- I went to listen and it looks like it has already been taken down. 😦 Do you know if I can get access to the message another way? I would even be willing to pay for a hard copy.

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