Waiting. Zapping. Going.

Quick updates here.

We are waiting on chemo this week until we get more pathology back from the new tumor on left side. As if it isn’t crazy enough that I have another type of cancer even that cancer is being challenging. After multiple tests on my tissue one was non conclusive and now being sent to Mayo to break the tie and those results take 10-14 days – guessing we will know late this week or early next week. That information will help determine the course of treatment. With that information outstanding, we are holding on this week’s chemo (fine by me!😉) and will re evaluate after the results are in.

I am also waiting for an appointment at Mary Crowley Cancer Research. I admittedly felt pretty important last week when the Chairman of the Board was ‘expecting my call’ and, thanks to my new friend Sue, holding my hand through the admissions process. With my Dr. Osborne’s full support, it will be interesting to hear if they have any trials or research that fits my profile. I’ll keep you posted.

And then on Friday we will start the zapping. There are 5 identified lesions in my brain and each of those will be targeted with laser radiology for :15-20ea. So I am scheduled to be ‘on the table’ at 10:10 and should be done by noon. Having done this before (last July) I am not nervous but certainly don’t take lightly the serious nature of anything involving my brain so would love prayers for the physicsists in the basement cranking out the numbers and the neurosurgeon (Dr. Barnett) and radiologist (Dr. Cheek) who have determined/defined the treatment plan.

And, last tidbit, we are going back to Houston next week for another consult with the other Dr. Osborne (what are the odds?! And his sister is even named Cindy like my doctor …) who is well-established as ‘the man’ when it comes to breast cancer. I’ve mentioned this before but both with my Dr. Osborne and when I was at MDA everyone was impressed that I was able to get his input on our situation. I am thankful as well. His staff is so sweet to me and when I emailed requesting an appointment Dr. Osborne himself responded to my email within minutes saying he would happily see me again. Our appointment is next Wednesday, 3.23. We continue to feel like, through friends and the Lord, we have access to such an incredible pool of talented physicians and compassionate ministers of mercy and help. 

And, ultimately, from details like these to friends and family who love us and our Lincoln, we see tone and time again the compassion, ministry and help of our God. He is with us in the waiting, zapping and going. And we trust Him. Or, as Lincoln would say, we are ‘two thumbs up’…

He kept jumping off this wall at church on Sunday. He face showed both sheer terror and sheer delight. I relate. So much of this ride can have moments of sheer terror (especially if I focus on my final days or minutes or fear being miserably sick …) but, lately, more of my days are good than bad and that fosters incredible delight and gratitude. 

Thanks for joining with us in prayer as we wait, zap and go…


23 thoughts on “Waiting. Zapping. Going.

  1. Jen, I have no words to say to you upon hearing about this new cancer. I’m so thankful that you have some other courses of action to pursue. I continue to think of you, Scott and Lincoln often and certainly will keep all of you in my prayers as well as your friends and doctors. I hope if I’m ever in your shoes that I have been a good enough friend to others that they will show me the same support that your friends have shown to you and Scott. They are amazing! Take care and give my best to Scott.

    Sarah Hightower Bryan

  2. Praying prayers of hope and trust. Loving you from so very far away. At least far away from the days when I saw you multiple times a week. You are always close to my heart my friend,

  3. Thank you for sharing with us -you have an amazing gift . Praying for you morning , night and many times in between. Love the pictures , you are a blessing to me.

  4. Lincoln is purely beautiful! I see you! Dodge said to me (we were talking politics and Jesus…?!?!) …”everyone dies, Mom.” And I was reminded how purely simple children see the world. Jesus is here with you. We will suffer in this world and you will sit with Him in heaven, waiting patiently for your family to follow. You are the gift I would look forward to being reunited with as well. My husband reccomends you read (cuz you have free time) “Meditations By Marcus Aurelius.” With love, The Fowlers.

  5. Jennifer, praying for you and the docs daily. When my mom died in 1974 from breast
    cancer (at 49) she was treated at MDA by a wonderful oncologist, Nylene Echols, who has a chair named after her down there. You are in wonderful hands at that hospital. A lot of good things have happened since then. You are a brave soldier. Love. Brady

  6. Thanks for taking us along on your journey through this blog. Even though we have never met, I feel like I know you and that your courage and strength have brought me closer in my journey with Jesus! You continue to inspire me and delight the Lord with your incredible hope, faith and love! Prayers for you and yours! Stay strong and lean on the Lord.

  7. Praying in the waiting. Praying for the zapping. Praying for the going.
    Thank you, Lord, for the gift of faithfulness that your daughter LuLu has. Love you friend!

  8. Way to go Jen. So pumped that your team expands with these super studs and in Houston already. Very prayerful that the zapping goes well and those lesions just give up and disappear. Love you so much.

  9. Thank you for the update and we will pray Friday and Wednesday. LOVE love love the pics of Lincoln–they fit so well with your post–You’re so creative! I’m inspired and encouraged by your faith in every detail on your journey. Thank you for sharing with me.

  10. I am reading, all of your posts, to the very last word. I am praying specifically for accuracy of the treatment, steady hands of the physician, a calm heart and that you feel the Lord’s presence with you in the room on Friday. God’s light shines bright everywhere you go!


  11. Sweet Jennifer – I so love you! Grateful for all these connections, doctors and opportunities! Praying that the Lord will make your path straight and give you peace in the decision making. I am still praying against these cancer(s) and will double down on Friday morning and Wednesday the 23rd! Trusting that the Lord will provide for his precious daughter – YOU!

  12. Thank you for keeping us all in the loop – so glad to know how and when to pray for you…love the Lincoln pics! We love you!

  13. Hang in there Jennifer and so glad we will see you this Saturday at coffee! Lincoln is such a cutie patootie!!! Praying for you always. I go to daily mass during the 40 days of Lent and have been saying them for you and my other 2 friends with cancer. I pray the Lord keeps you here on earth with us to continue to teach us and amaze us with your remarkable faith in Him.

    Hugs, Kathy >

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