Easter Update

Greetings to all.   It’s Jamie again.  Thank you so very much for the outpouring of love and support through text and comments on the blog.   Jen is very touched and is trying to read them all when moments of relief surface.  Several of you have requested an update on our friend, so hopefully I can provide some up to date information before Easter celebrations begin tomorrow.

Jen remains in the hospital and will most likely be there through early next week or until they can get her pain under control.  As you can imagine, she is saddened by the fact that she will be spending Easter on an adjustable bed.  She is excited, however, to watch Watermark’s Easter service via live stream tomorrow morning at 9am along with the congregation.

And even though our extroverted friend has been without vistors, she did make one little exception today.


Little Linc made an appearance to visit his mama and seemed to be at ease in hospital.  He also seemed to understand that the ‘doctor may need mama to stay longer to feel better and figure out what is wrong with her tummy.’  When Jen mentioned that was something they could pray for, Lincoln said, ‘we could pray now’.  And before Jen could look at Scott to pray with them, Linc was praying.  As far as I’m concerned Jen and Scott can just put a big ole’ check mark in the parenting category.

IMG_9078.JPGWell done.

After the prayer, Lincoln got really excited about sharing Jen’s plate of hospital food with her.  Hospital food.  {This might completely negate the parenting check mark above, but in this instance I think we might give them a pass.}  Knowing how particular Jen and Scott are about their culinary experiences, I giggled about their offspring being okay with the questionable mashed potatoes from Baylor.  (It’s such great ammunition for the next time we road trip together and they turn their noses at me for suggesting Subway.)  But hey, whatever works.  Lincoln even told Scott on his way to the hospital, ‘please tell mama to save her lunch to share with me.’  Um, Linc, I think that’s a safe bet.

IMG_9077.JPGHere are Jen & Linc rating their food items.  And I don’t know about you, but one look at Jen’s face tells me she might be lying.  Her thumb is also not 100% committed.

Some items that might really deserve a thumbs up, however:

  1. Jen had an MRI of her hip and pelvis that was originally scheduled for next week but went ahead and knocked it out while she was there.  I love that she’s somehow found a way to be efficient and productive while being hospitalized. #stillourjen
  2. Jen had a great conversation with the oncologist making rounds today.  He was a believer as well as a student at DTS at one time, so she enjoyed her time visiting about things not related to cancer. #myguessistheytalkedaboutjesus
  3. Even thought it’s far from her marathon days, she did ‘suit up’ with her water bottle on her pain pump for a stroll around the floor.  She even brought it strong with ear buds (someone get this girl some BEATS, will ya?) and worshipped as she made her own rounds.  She said that it was sweet of the Lord to meet her there on the quiet floor on Easter weekend.  Cue the tears please.


Most of Jen’s time is spent between managing pain and napping.  She and Scott have been holding down the fort for now with brief cameos from Lincoln and Jane.  But I know she appreciates each one of your prayers.

The Clouse’s wish you all a beautiful celebration of our risen Savior tomorrow.  Or as Jen puts it…


Much love,



61 thoughts on “Easter Update

  1. Hey Jennifer, I sent you a very special email just now that I think will be a joy to read on Easter morning! Always praying for you and Linc and Scott!

    Love and blessings, Greer

  2. Thanks for the update! Jamie. JLC been praying non stop for you. So precious! Linc praying over you……..you are glowing in the pics…..and wouldnt know uou were managing pain, if not for the mention. Continued prayers for you, Scott and Linc…….big hug

  3. Oh—These pictures are the sweetest and friend you look beautiful as always. Hate you are still there but hopeful they can find solution and manage your pain. You are on my mind and heart every minute. Praying continually —-Love you so much.

  4. I pray that the same power that raised Christ Jesus from the dead will be at work in your body, calming the storms, taking the pain upon His strong back, bringing health and healing. xo susan lewis

  5. Happy, happy Easter! Continued prayers for relief from your pain. Continued prayers that you are wrapped up in family, friends, and always looking to our Lord. Thank you for sharing your brave journey!

  6. Thank you so much Jamie for keeping us updated. Scott and I have been praying for Jen and the doctors as they hopefully get her pain under control. And the picture of Jen and Lincoln praying in that hospital bed is too much to handle – so precious!

  7. continued prayers……………happy to see this update and these sweet pics of your special time with Linc…………..may your Easter be blessed with quiet, special moments during the day that are shared with your hubby and Jesus!…………….praying for your precious grandmother, too!………………..pam

  8. I’ve been following your journey via Melanie’s blog for awhile now, and the silliest thing has just prompted me to let you know you’re in my prayers- that water jug! I received the same one when I delivered my son 6 months ago, and I still use it every single night to stay hydrated when I get up to nurse him. So now, I will think of you at all sorts of odd hours and send prayers your way 🙂 Thank you for sharing your heart as you travel this path. I think that your unwavering faith has a much further reach than you can imagine.

  9. Love and prayers! You continue to bless me… across the miles, across the years, across the painful adventure! The student is the teacher! Happy Easter, Jen! Prayers for you, Jamie, Scott and Linc, you mom, your grandma and others who love you so much!

  10. How do you look so beautiful Jen?? Praying for you sweet friend & rejoice in knowing that even though Easter is not being spent the way you would’ve hoped, you are able to find joy in what the resurrection stands for. Thinking the Lord wanted to plant you in the hospital to share His love during Easter weekend❤️
    “My comfort in my suffering is this: your promise preserves my life!” Psalm 119:50
    Happy Easter to you & your precious family! xo

  11. Jamie:
    You have the same gift that Jen does – writing! You make me laugh and cry all in the same post. Lincoln leading the prayer was the sweetest thing ever! Didn’t know she and Scott were food snobs! LOL Praying for Jen, Scott and Lincoln. I hate it that she is spending her Easter in the hospital when they were supposed to be here in Tyler.

    What a wonderful, devoted friend you are. You are an example to all of us of what it means to be a true friend! Happy Easter to all of you!
    Sarah Hightower Bryan
    Tyler, Texas

    • Best Eater blessing today so far! Jen, how are you so beautiful? Prayers continue for pain management – physical and emotional – for you and yours.

  12. You are a warrior, Jen.

    Thank you for living authentically and for living out loud. As I read your posts I can’t help but think your journey will be mine some day. Monday is round 50 of chemo for me and…well…while I try to find things worth celebrating I am NOT celebrating this milestone.

    Thank you for making use of the megaphone God has handed you for this stage of your life. Lives are being touched and changed as a direct t result of how you are living. Bravo!

    Finally, I ran across this quote and thought of you,

    “Some things in life cannot be fixed. They can only be carried.”

    Our friends and family and doctors cannot fix us while we are suffering, however, they CAN walk with us and help us carry the load. You are blessed with numerous friends who are shouldering a part of the load with you through prayer, writing blogs, providing meals, money, baby sitting, etc…and they are filled with joy to do so. You are deeply loved by many and it is incredible to see.

    Happy Easter and I pray you get control of the pain!

    Greg Murtha

  13. So glad to see your smiling face in this pictures. I pray your pain gets under control and you are home soon. Xoxo

  14. Jenn, You are such an inspiration to so many! It is evident that the Lord is walking every step with you through this. May he richly fill you with His spirit tomorrow! The Scherers are praying for you daily. My Explorer class at Covenant also prays for you! Believe me if I ever forget they all yell at me, “You forgot Mrs. Clouse!” Even the ones that don’t know you from Chapel School! 😊 We love your sweet family and admire how you allow the Lord to work through you! Happy Easter! He has RISEN! Love, Mariette, T.O., Marietta & Teddy

  15. I was ALL good with the sweet update until the adorable Jen bitmoji!!!!! #cuethetears Praying for a joyous Easter full of peace and pain relief!! He conquered the grave, let us rejoice!!

  16. I’ve been following your precious story here and through Melanie’s blog. Your faith is inspiring; you are in my thoughts and prayers. Happy Easter, and much love from CA. Xoxo

  17. Jen, good Friday was my 20 year anniversary from when I was diagnosed with cancer.

    God performs miracles.

    Praying for all of you!

  18. Oh I am teary not to sit with you this morning. But going to 7:30am service so I doubt I would see your sleepyhead anyway. Absolutely beautiful pictures of my friend making the most of the hospital and her time with linc. His prayers are precious- his impromptu, no heads up praying reminds me of someone I know and love…
    I love my friend and I’m missing her!!!!!!

  19. He is risen! He is risen indeed! As I’ve prayed for you this weekend, Psalm 73 keeps coming to mind.
    Whom have I in heaven but you and earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
    Be well.

  20. …and a very Happy Easter to the Clouse Family. Sure appreciate the update and uplifting pictures. Praying God will work an Easter miracle in you today, Jen.

  21. It’s Easter morning and I am up early with birds praying for you as I read Psalm 69. I reflect on the suffering Christ took on our behalf and I pray that through His finished work on the Cross He will lift your pain and rescue you from the mire and set your feet to dancing. I am praying for strength and deliverance for you as you live in a “Saturday” world with the hope of “Sunday”. Courage, strength and grace to you, the light of the world has come, may His face shine upon you and give you peace in the midst of this pain.

  22. Jenn,
    You are such an inspiration to everyone who meets you. We continue to pray daily for you and your family. God is indeed being glorified through you. We send our love from Kansas.
    The McCulloughs (from Horn Creek)

  23. Love the bitmoji! You and your family are in my prayers. I pray for relief from your pain, I pray for peace and comfort for you all on this Easter.

  24. Happy Easter to all. Even in the hospital God is with you and letting you have your family with you. You can hurt those eggs when you get home. Rotten, maybe so do not eat. Your pics are priceless. You sure do look good. Always smiling through all your pain. And, bless that little Lincoln. What a great boy.
    I am praying so hard every minute for you. Anisse

  25. Thank you for keeping us updated! We continue to pray for answers and peace and relief from your pain. You and your family are an inspiration to all of us! Happy Easter from our family to yours!

  26. You all are in my thoughts and prayers multiple times a day. Thank you for the witness of your lives and for so beautifully sharing it with any/every one who will listen!
    Jen Cody

  27. Because of this post… I joined in worship at Watermark via live stream this morning. What a blessing!!! I was a part of Watermark in 1999 as it began & until I moved to Boston mid 2000. Felt like I was home! Prayers continuing from Denver.

  28. Thank you Jen, Scott and Lincoln for your stories of grace “on the road.” May God bless you and keep you on His path, a loving stroll together, no matter where you roam (even hospital floors!) Sweet Jesus, we just love this family.

  29. So thankful for the update. Continuing to pray for all things Clouse. Jen, you’re absolutely beautiful. God is good. Love you.

  30. Jamie, I don’t really know you, but,what a blessing you must be to Jen, Lincoln and Scott! I love how you keep joy in all the tough news, (Just like Jen!) john, Katie, Haley and I are all praying for you Jen! We love you and know Jesus is using the darkness of cancer for His good through YOU! Happy Christ has risen day!!!

  31. Hope you have a Happy Easter Jennifer! I also hope you get out of the hospital soon and they can get your pain under control.

    Jamie you’ve done a great job updating us!

    Hugs, Kathy

    Sent from my iPhone


  32. Continued prayers for you and your family Jen. Praying that you will get today’s service in fully… it was an awesome message. One that you could have written. You continue to bless others each step of the way – for instance the picture of you and Lincoln praying. Amazing for such a little guy.
    Praying for better days ahead, strength, and comfort.
    Jamie, if you are reading this to Jen, thank you for keeping us in the loop.

  33. Though I haven’t commented here sooner over the past few days, you are on my heart and mind and in my prayers regularly my friend! I missed our time this week and love how intentional you were to try to make it happen. It amazes me how you have been making others a priority in the midst of what you are going through. Praying for peace and comfort for you and your peeps! Much love!

  34. Happy Easter Sweet Jen!!! This one’s for you! I can hear you now – “Easter is for all of us” and yes it is but this year I feel there’s something extra special just for you. How glorious to know He is risen! xoxo

  35. Dear sweet Jen,
    I think of you and pray so often. And whenever I check my email I look for your email to be able to know how you are. Your strength is beyond human, that is clear. Thank you again for sharing with us the celebrations and the struggles so that we can come alongside you in prayer. Can I just say that I am in awe of your beauty, both spiritual and physical. Girl, your smile clearly lights up the world. I have been blessed by you. I pray that even as I write this you will experience a renewing comfort and strength that can only come from our Father….feeling his arms tightly around you.
    Much love to you and Scott and Lincoln,
    Lisa Merten

  36. Always on my mind, Jen. Praying for your pain. That picture of you and Linc praying is an immediate tear jerker, love that he prayed right then and there. Hoping you were able to have a few beautiful moments this Easter weekend, much love to you! ❤

  37. Continuing prayers for her and her precious family. Thank you for your continued updates they are greatly appreciated.

  38. I am so happy to see you being able to smile and have such a good time with Lincoln. Even if you are faking your thumbs up on the food. Prayers going out for you, Scott and Lincoln and also extra prayers for relief from your pain and being able to get out of the hospital soon.

  39. So sorry to hear this news, Jen. Please know that you are being lifted up to the Father here in Idaho. Scott and Lincoln too. I so wish I had some way to ease your pain, but I don’t. But we both know the One who does.

  40. Thank you for the updates. I am praying for relief from the pain and wisdom moving forward. I hope you get to go home soon! Lots of love.

  41. Many, many prayers to you and your family. I have been following your blog for a bit now (via Melanie’s blog). Your strength, courage, faith, and lovely attitude have definitely been an inspiration to me, and many others, I am sure.

  42. You are such an inspiration! I pray that you get relief from the pain and get to return home soon. You and your family are in my prayers! I have to add, I really like Linc’s outfit. I’m from Virginia and a huge UVA fan! Linc has good taste!

  43. I saw a blonde cowboy leaving church on Saturday. Reminded me what a blessing his momma has been, even to those she doesn’t know. Thankful for the opportunity to pray for Jen and her family.

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