When in Doubt, Accessorize

So everyone knows how much a gal loves to accessorize, right?  Jen is a perfect example of this (has anyone SEEN this girls’ jewels?!).  She’s dripping in diamonds and 14,000 bracelets on any given day.  Or on EVERY given day, rather.  We had a great conversation about this on Monday because our friend, Amy, always seems to coordinate her jewelry perfectly with whatever she’s wearing.  And she has 4 kids.  I can barely make it out of the house in anything other than workout clothes and maybe a pair of fake studs.  And I have one less kid.

Anyway, the point being that Jen noticed the next day when I stepped up my game and swapped out my fakes for the real deal because I finally took time to transfer the one and only pair of earring backs I have from one pair to the other.  And that even wore me out.  But nonetheless I got props and it reconfirmed to me that Jen is an accessory lover of sorts.

Well, when Dr. O suggested that Jen might need to start using a cane because of the fragility of her hips, any old (lady) cane was not going to do.  We had the best time searching for CANES online (seriously, we did) and came up with this little number.


I’m not joking.  This is going to be Jen’s new accessory and Dr. O said she should name it.  So…if anyone has any suggestions please let her know.  (This reminds me of when I was in elementary school and the Dallas Zoo got a new baby panda.  Or maybe it was a giraffe.  Either way, our class submitted names for the contest and it was all kinds of fun thinking mine might be chosen.  It wasn’t.  But knock yourself out with those names.)

In other news, Jen also thought the fuzz growing in on her hair was a little too black for her liking, so this happened.

IMG_2046-1.JPGI love this pic for so many reasons, but mainly because it corroborates what I was saying about Amy’s jewels and Jen’s bracelets.

After the salon party, Jen was much happier with her shimmer from a box.  However, because she is now starting a new chemo (and actually had her first round at 10pm one night this week), this shiny new fuzz will soon be gone.  But the memories and laughs WILL NOT, I assure you.

And speaking of memories and laughs, during a riveting conversation this week there was a knock on the hospital door.  A lovely Baylor volunteer named Mary came in with her mobile harp (who knew this was a thing?!) and asked if Jen would like for her to play.  I was certain it was going to be a ‘no’ because we still had a lot of ground to cover.  However, Jen sweetly said ‘please come in – I’d love to hear some hymns’.  And that proves Jen is either nicer than I am or more of a people pleaser, cause I’m gonna be honest I was ready to finish our conversation.  It was surprisingly beautiful, however, and I found myself glad that Jen was either nicer than I was or a people pleaser.  The only bad news was that Jen had just taken a little concoction of things to help her bowels move and Mary wasn’t about to let up on ‘How Great Thou Art.’  See Jen?  It’s okay to say NO.

All kidding aside, Jen is still in the hospital and still in pain.  She pushes that morphine drip like a man mowing his yard on a Saturday morning in spring.  (Not really, but I got going on the analogy and could’t stop myself).  But she is STILL IN PAIN.  Her palliative care doctor, Dr. Casanova (I just love saying that), visited a lot this week and let her know that she would most likely not be leaving the hospital until early next week.  She is settling in, however, and this stay is not nearly as awful as the one in November.  Jen is even doing her taxes in bed and not antsy to leave.  And Scott has his mobile office all set up in the room as well, complete with a laptop and blueprints.  I wasn’t trying to be nosy, but I know someone has got a fancy master bathroom on the horizon.

As for little Linc, he is doing REALLY well with Stephanie, Mandy and lots of other friends.  I’d say SOMEONE is having a riveting conversation of their own on this trampoline here.


I really want to tell Linc’s little friend (I think this is Andrew) to speak quickly because if a nice lady with a harp comes around the corner, you might not be able to finish those thoughts!!!

Here’s another sweet pic of Linc’s rendition of SPRING SLEDDING:


Lincoln is doing well on his visits to the hospital.  He did tell Jen, ‘I don’t like your doctors because they keep you away from me.’  And to that I say AMEN LINCOLN!  This precious little soul has experienced so much more than most 4 year olds, but the Lord is always quick to remind me that He has very unique plans for Lincoln and that all of this is just training ground for the finished product.  I had a good cry with Jen about missing my time with Lincoln.  I get the benefit of being with HER so often which I do not take for granted, but my heart breaks that my bond with the little man is not nearly as strong as it once was because of our lack of time together.  I know the Lord will work that one out as well in time, but it’s these kinds of emotions that you can’t prepare your heart for.  So thank you to Stephanie, Mandy, Jenn, Molly, Cynthia, Jane, Gigi, Miriam, Lezley, etc. etc. etc. (there are so many I can’t even list them all) for swooping in and LOVING Lincoln through this difficult time.

And to all of YOU, thank you for continuing to love all 3 of the Clouses.  Tears are streaming down my cheeks right now because of the beautiful way you show them how you care.  It’s unbelievably touching and so completely overwhelming.  Much like our Father’s love for us.  I’m just thankful He’s making that so tangible right now.

Well…how I got from a champagne pink cane to a sobbing mess so quickly is lost on me.  I guess this is just how the cancer journey goes.  Thanks for hanging in there with us.

God speed and good accessories,

Jamie (aka B)






26 thoughts on “When in Doubt, Accessorize

  1. Well, I had a cool fold up cane just like that one (except it was floral) after I broke my pelvis a year and a half ago and I named it Abel. And I had a walker named Texas Ranger. But I am sure Jen will think of a better name for her pretty pink cane. 🙂
    Love the update Jamie – and I love seeing you and Amy love on Jen. We are praying for all 3 Clouses and the doctors.

  2. Thank you Jamie for sharing…you and Jen both have a way of writing that lets us feel like we are there with you. As I read, one minute my heart is smiling and one minute my heart is heavy, but always my heart is trusting.

    I would suggest naming the cane “Grace”. That is the picture I see over and over again with Jen’s relationship with God and her relationships with friends. It has given stability and the ability to keep moving forward. I’m praying and believing.

    Much love to all of you.

  3. Love the post. Thanks Jamie. i think i actually know Mary! what a cool way God has of connecting us all. Blessings to you, Jen. i could see some “bedazzle” on that cane??? Hope to see you around WM soon. xo Amy

  4. Jen, you look lovely as ever! So sorry you are having so much pain…love the knew accessory. You go girl, with your champagne pink cane:) You could even bedazzle it!
    Add a little bling…Maybe a good name would be “Joy” reminds me of James 1 and you all are certainly living out James 1: 2-4…when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is full developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing. Love you, Jen

  5. Jen, I’m sorry to hear you are still in so much pain, and am praying it will get better and you’ll be able to go home soon. I love the sweet and meaningful names Lisa and Cathy have suggested for your pink cane, but because of too many years spent watching “All My Children,” I have to suggest Erica ; ) xoxox

  6. Love the smile and all the bling in the hair photo. : ) Jamie I think I’m going to steal that “God speed and good accessories” line. I need to work on my accessories too. Prayers going out for the whole Clouse family and some extra ones from Jennifer for the relief from the pain. Hope the chemo round goes alright.

  7. Jamie – your posts are great! I love the pink cane! Please let Jen know she is continually in our thoughts and prayers!!

  8. Jen,
    Praying for the pain to subside. Being the PT that I am and having a sort of warped sense of humor I am suggesting to name the cane “Eileen” and get a airbrushed pink on pink flame job put on it. I guarantee it will accessorize! All joking aside I am praying for Lincoln and Scott as well as all your countless friends who are no doubt serving you well! Love you friend!

  9. Thank you for the update. The Pitts family is praying. Prayers for pain relief for Jen. Our vote is a little silly, we vote for Candy!

  10. I vote for “Bubbles.” Thank you for the update. I was hoping to get one today! You all are so great about keeping us updated. Much love!

  11. How about “Hurry” cane? How’s Gram doing now? My own Gram is 101 and I take care of her— I have held your gram in my heart, along with you and all your loved ones.

  12. How about “Esther”? Strong and dependable. I pray for you daily, Jen. Sending warm thoughts and Aloha from Hawaii.

  13. Our hearts are with you Jen, Scott, and Lincoln. We love y’all so much. I vote to name her Candy. You know like for Miss Candy Cane…not spiritual at all but kind of sweet and sassy at the same time. Love you!

    • Jamie, thank you for sharing your gift. This is the first time I’ve read all the replies to a post and I just have to say, while I don’t think I know any of you ladies, I am blown away by your love and dedication to your dear friend and her precious family. Jen, I am so sorry to hear you are in so much pain. Please know that I too, and our entire life group, have been praying for you throughout. Your faith inspires me beyond anything I’ve ever witnessed. Okay, as for the name the lovely pink cane challenge, I can create an Excel spreadsheet or a PowerPoint deck like nobody’s business but I am not creative (ha ha). So, I will weigh in on the names suggested. Love them all, however Esther, for the reason mentioned above, is my first choice. Abel is close second; it’s hard to beat a double entendre. Thanks again for sharing the journey. Love and prayers.

  14. Sending love and prayers your way dearest Jen! And I DO love your fancy new cane!!! Maybe you could name it “Fancy” or “Miss Fancy”?


  15. I think you gotta name that cane “Pinky”. Sending love and lifting you up in prayers all the way from Canada. P.S. Jaimie – what a beautiful writer you are, thank you for the updates.

  16. Lurch, manservant from the Adams Family. Yes, I have a warped sense of humor.
    Jamie, you are a true friend. Thank you for sharing.
    Jen, I think of you and your family often. You are an encourager to me. Dear Jesus, please cover your sweet girl with relief from pain, comfort and peace.

  17. My first thought was Abel, too!! Not only can you now fend off any ‘Cain’ like attacker, this handy pink stick will now keep you ‘Abel’ … (groans abound 😉 ). Thanks Jamie, for keeping us updated, and Jen, you are always in my prayers..just love seeing photos of your daily happenings, and hoping that the next chemo treatment is being nice.
    ❤ Leanne

  18. My “Pray for Jen Clouse” alert goes off on my phone twice a day, every day. My husband has now stopped asking, “Who?” I like to think he’s throwing up a little over the shoulder prayer for Jen twice a day, too!

    • As I read this with tears, my husband stole a read. Jens faith and good cheer in the face of all this is so convicting to a couple of hypochondriacs like he and I. Nevertheless, we pray for more of the good, less of the bad. Cane name: I second “Bubbles”.

  19. Love the posts Jamie! You do a great job! Love the pink cane, I can just picture y’all shopping online for that one. Abel is a good one or Eileen. Pretty funny 🙂 I’m very thankful to all your wonderful friends taking such great care of you, Linc and Scott! Praying daily and praying this pain away!! Love to y’all

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