Look what is happening now…

As Jamie said, let’s just hope our car is there…

We are happily headed home. 



42 thoughts on “Look what is happening now…

  1. Yay! That is such great news Jennifer. I know you are all happy to be going home. Hugs and prayers for all of you and you’re sweet friends.


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  2. Soooo happy you are headed home with your guys! I’ve been praying. You need a cute little sign for your car window that says, “Please do not steal. I have cancer.” Thank you, Lord, that You returned the car and protected the Clouses from loads of hassel. We pray for together time at home, resting, cuddling, laughing, praying, and experiencing You. Thank you that You Jesus are our home. Amen. ❤️

  3. Yes!! Hallelujah!! Been following your story for so long, never comment but I couldn’t help my excitement over this! God just outdoes Himself again and again, love that y’all have front row seats to it!! 🙂

  4. Yeah!! Praise the Lord! The car episode should be in a movie! Unbelievable! May you, Scott and Lincoln have a blessed week! ❤️The Scherers

  5. All hail the Clouse Family. Welcome home ! With open arms we all hug you and bless you and thank God for his loving mercies.

  6. I’m crying, crying, with joy that you are going home! And, I totally lost it seeing the pic of Scott & Lincoln napping in your room! love, prayers, and tears!
    susan lewis

  7. So happy you’re getting to go home and read your blog and cry but look forward to it may you peace and free of pain is my prayer love you

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  8. Have missed your messages. But, heard you are in your new home.and had so many to help you move in.how blessed you are. No place like home—a brand new .
    Praying for you. Anisse

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