Rainy Day Update

Hi everyone.  It’s Jamie again.   What a privilege it is to update all of you, faithful friends, on Jen’s journey.  So many people have inquired about our sweet friend lately because she’s gone blog silent.  And for those of you who know her well, silent is not in Jen’s vocabulary (can I get an AMEN?!).

So much has happened in the past few weeks that it would be difficult to recall it all.  (And let’s be honest, I just turned a year older and I’m clawing my way to the end of the proverbial school finish line, so really anything is hard to recall).  But I CAN remember what happened this week (#winning).

And it looked something like this.

IMG_3690.JPGThis is Jen crouching down in the elevator.  Why, you ask?  Because her body is SO DARN TIRED.  Tired of the radiation (which is now complete), tired of the chemo, tired of, well, CANCER.  I was surprised she mustered up a smile for me because it was pretty brutal.  But hey, a girl always knows to be picture worthy because SOCIAL MEDIA.

Jen is finding it really hard to even get out bed lately and has been sleeping a lot.  Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for her nausea.  It’s wide awake.  On her Wednesday visit to Dr. Casanova (palliative care physician), he recommended she receive some IV fluids to see if that might boost her energy and decrease her nausea.  As soon as she hit that chair and they draped her in a warm blanket, she was out.  And truthfully I can’t blame cancer for that, because once I was offered a warm blanket (and accepted it shamelessly) I fell fast asleep too.  I’m sure it looked like a page out of a preschool book complete with vinyl mats and mini pillows.  NAP TIME.  There are moments when cancer gives you unexpected little gifts and this was definitely that.

IMG_3694-1.JPGSorry for my big face, but I knew this was a memory I didn’t want to forget.  How often do you get to nap with your friends in the middle of the DAY once you’re past the age of 3?!  Priceless.

And since we are doing silver linings,  Jen received some encouraging news on Monday from Dr. Osborne.  Her blood work looks good, and the protein in her liver tumors are decreasing.  We’ll take it.  She is due for additional scans in the upcoming weeks which will give more information about what is actually going on inside her bod.

And if you can stand even more positive news, the Clouse family has finally moved into their new beautiful home!!  And it is JUST that.  A home.  With all of Scott’s hard work and attention to detail, and Jen’s final touches, it is as if they’ve lived there for 20 years.  It feels new, but somehow very familiar.  It feels roomy, but cozy at the same time.  It feels like a place that wonderful memories have already been made and will continue to be made.  Basically, it feels like love lives there.  And who can’t get excited about that?!  Thank you to EVERYONE who pitched in and worked super hard…


IMG_0043.JPGIMG_0020.JPGAnd even to those who didn’t work quite AS hard…


It was all worth it for these moments of joy at the end of a LONG DAY…



See?  Love most definitely lives here.

Lastly, Jen and Scott were able to get away for an anniversary trip to Turks & Caicos thanks to Jen’s generous running group.  (I’m contemplating how I can join this running group despite the fact the only place I would actually ever run is to get on a plane that is heading to TURKS & CAICOS.)   And while sleep may have been a dominant activity on Jen’s daily itinerary, at least she awakened to a beautiful view of crystal clear water and not her friend’s big face.  In between naps, she and Scott even got in some paddle boarding and fishing.  Apparently fish appear smaller in photographs than in real life. 😉


Seriously, though, I think this is a fancy fish of some sort (bonefish?) so to Scott I say: WE ARE PROUD OF YOU, SAY WE ARE PROUD OF YOU, hey hey hey.

In conclusion, Jen wanted me to pass along that even though her people pleasing is alive and well and she wishes so badly that she could write to those she loves (that would be YOU), her pain and fatigue is even more alive and well at this point.  Your prayers, cards and messages are so greatly appreciated, however, and I’m here to say THANK YOU to each one of you on her behalf!!  The Lord continues to meet Jen’s every need, and she is so grateful for His daily provision in every single detail.

He is GOOD.



With SO much love,

Jamie (aka B)