Scans Today – Please Pray

Hi everyone!  It’s Jamie again.  It seems like so much has happened between the last post and now, but I will try to give you the abbreviated version as we would appreciate your prayers today.

Jen has her ups and downs, but has been plagued with extreme fatigue as of late.  That, coupled with a lack of appetite, has left our girl weak and thin.  At the urging of Scott on Tuesday, Jen contacted Dr. Osborne to let her know she was not feeling well.  Dr. O asked Jen to come in for fluids to help with dehydration.   We laugh because Jen told Gigi ‘it shouldn’t take too long’ when we were deciding on who’s car to take to Baylor, but I reminded her that Baylor can be a little like quick sand and once you step in the doors it’s really hard to get back out.  Let’s just say the quick sand was in full force because Jen ended up being there for most of the day.  She received an IV concoction of Magnesium, Potassium, and some other things I can’t spell or pronounce.

Dr. O also examined Jen then returned for a visit later to let her know she really needed to start eating.  Apparently her blood work looked like that of a person who was starving.  Literally.  Normally, I would make a joke of how ironic this is because Jen loves to eat.  But it was actually such a sobering moment that I can’t muster up any humor.  To watch my friend lose so much weight in such a short period of time is difficult.  Like really difficult.  There are moments on this cancer journey where I can almost pretend like it’s not really happening because Jen is so upbeat and looks so hip with her bleached pixie cut.  We laugh like normal and do life like normal.  But those times are starting to fade and my heart is breaking all over again.   My friend has cancer.  And her outward appearance is not letting me pretend any longer that it’s not happening.

Today, would you please pray as Jen has her scheduled scans to determine what is actually going on inside of her body?  She will be at Baylor for most of the morning then will have an appointment later today with Dr. Osborne.  I will be back in touch after we know the results and new plan going forward.

Jen’s faith is as strong as ever and knows that the Lord is still very much in control.  She clings to His promises daily, and reminds us of His goodness despite the circumstances.  Thank you for your continued encouragement for Jen, Scott, Lincoln and Jane.  This road is not to be walked alone and they are comforted by your prayers, texts, calls and cards.

I always like to end on a positive note, so I wanted to share that Lincoln turned 5 on June 1st and had a rainy celebration at Caruth Park fishing with friends.  Right before the celebration was to begin, however, the rain came POURING DOWN.  So much so that the party was even in question.  But miraculously the skies cleared up just in time for the party and fishing commenced.  Somehow I feel like that’s a beautiful metaphor for this journey. One minute the rains are drenching us and the next minute the sun is shining.  We are praying for a little sunshine today.  IMG_0052.JPGIMG_0025.JPG


Much love to you all and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite 5 year old!!!

Jamie (aka B)


36 thoughts on “Scans Today – Please Pray

  1. Continuing to pray for this journey to be filled with unrelenting awareness of the Lord’s love and His special healing for each of you – Jen, Scott, Lincoln, Jane and for the army of friends and family whose hearts are hurting and long to see you healed Jen.

  2. We love you Jen! I will be praying for you with your tests today especially. May you feel His angels surrounding you all day long. Hugs sweet friend.

  3. Many prayers, sweet friend. Begging, really – for wisdom and care filled solutions. We know God is good. Big Love to you, Jen! ~ Connie

  4. Jamie, you’re such a dear to keep us informed about Jennifer. I feel your pain….and you all (Jennifer, Scott, Lincoln, Missy, Jamie, and Jane) are in my prayers daily. Through it all, you’re bringing so much glory to the Lord through your love for each other and your trust in Him. I also pray that medical science will benefit from all that she’s going through.

    With you at the Throne

    Carolyn Owens (friend of Jane, and now all of you)

    On Thu, Jun 9, 2016 at 9:16 AM, Pink. Pray. Love. wrote:

    > theclousefamily posted: “Hi everyone! It’s Jamie again. It seems like so > much has happened between the last post and now, but I will try to give you > the abbreviated version as we would appreciate your prayers today. Jen has > her ups and downs, but has been plagued with extreme ” >

  5. Thanks for the update Jamie. I was praying in Va. this morning before I saw the post. Praying you all are overwhelmed w God’s care for each of you.

  6. “We also pray that you will be strengthened with all his glorious power, so you will have all the endurance and patience you need. May you be filled with joy…” Colossians 1:11 This verse reminds me of how you have so faithfully, consistently, and steadfastly walked your faith with Jesus all the days I have known you… through all of life’s ups and downs; that purely identifiable Love of Christ…which has always inspired us; your peeps, those who love you and over the years may not have known you but have been blessed, touched, moved, emboldened, encouraged to engage yet more fully with Him, by your Example and how beautifully you love others through His promptings and handling of God’s word and Truth… so humbly availed to and abiding in the holy spirit… making a Difference in the lives of others through your being who He so magnificently made you to Be, Jenn… Thank you for your prayers for me, and the awesome Medicine of laughter and the privilege of your friendship. Lifting you up this day for His goodness and mercy… and for Sonshine… ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. Jamie, thanks for the update, for all the love and support you and so many are giving to sweet Jen, Scott, Lincoln and Jane. Praying for them today. Love y’all.

  8. Praying an extra prayer today. I pray for Jen, Scott, Lincoln and the rest of the family and wonderful friends every day.

    Love that cake that Lincoln had, what a wonderful design.

  9. Jen and Jamie- my thoughts and prayers are with you every day. Can’t tell you how much I admire you both during this journey of life. Love you both!

  10. Praying so hard for you. God is watching over you giving you strength and love.
    You are always thinking of others and not yourself. Just look at you at the party—–
    Precious with the birthday boy andScott. Such happy times.

  11. Prayers continue for this awesome woman of God and her whole family, including all of her friends who have traveled this journey with her……

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