Scan Results & Update

Hi everyone – it’s Jamie again.  I asked Jen if she would be okay with me updating the blog with scan results from last week, and I got the green light.  Jen’s people (YOU) are extremely faithful in prayer and concern, so I know you’ve been awaiting the results.

Last Thursday was a very long day for Jen.  She had to be at the hospital at 6:40am to begin her scans.  (PS: I’m thankful that Gigi was assigned that driving shift).  She then proceeded to undergo a myriad of scans that lasted until about 1pm.  Somewhere in between 6am and 1pm, however, Jen got into a scuffle with one of the nurses and I showed up as the drama was dying down.  Let me just say you don’t want to mess with Jen or else you mess with us too.


Don’t be fooled by those smiles.  We can be really fierce when provoked.

We were grateful Jen asked for some food after the scans were over, and Burger House was her first choice.  Being the good friends we are, we ate fries and onion rings alongside our patient.  (As a side note, just because your friend needs a shake doesn’t mean you do too.)

After lunch, Jen was able to get in a quick nap before her 3pm appointment with Dr. Osborne.  Scott and Jen then went to the appointment where Dr. O shared the results.

Basically, Dr. O said there were ‘mixed results but overall not as good’ in every area where there was some stabilization (defined as less than 20% growth).  She is watching the following:  liver, lymph nodes around clavicle, mediastinum (chest) and fluid around lungs (which is present ~ indicating activity).  The neck CT takes longer to get back and she doesn’t have results from bone scan yet.  Also, they did not do a brain MRI as it’s on a different quarterly schedule.

They also spent a lot of time talking about ways to increase her appetite and about next steps for treatment.  Jen will stay on the same chemo for now, but will decrease the frequency to every other week to hopefully lighten the negative side effects.

If you are like me, you were probably wanting more conclusive information.  (Somehow I feel this illusion of control when I have a lot of details.)  I’m confused by the results and all of the percentages.  I’m frustrated by medical terminology.  I’m wanting to hear something more concrete.  A timeline, a definitive plan, an opportunity for a miracle.  But I’m realizing quickly that cancer is cancer.  And Jen’s body is riddled with it.  And whether a tumor has grown or not doesn’t change the fact that God is in control.  I am not.  He’s overseeing every single detail of this journey.  And although He never promised that our lives would be easy, He does promise that ‘our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.’ (Romans 8:18).  Thank goodness our hope doesn’t depend on something as unreliable as scan results or tumor marker numbers.  Instead, our hope is in the one true God who never changes (Malachi 3:6a).   Psalm 56:4 says, “… in God have I put my hope; I will have no fear of what flesh may do to me.” I find peace in this verse as I watch this insanely cruel disease take over my friend’s body.

These truths are especially poignant today as one of Jen’s friends in her Pink Not Grey group passed away from stage 4 breast cancer yesterday.  Oddly enough, I grew up with this friend in church and know the family very well.  She was 41 years old and also a patient of Dr. Osborne.  She was a lover of Jesus and shined His light brightly.  She had lots of friends who loved her well.  And she leaves behind a loving husband and one precious child.  My heart simultaneously breaks for her family as well as for Jen. The parallels hit way too close to home.

I heard someone once say that “pain is the soil where the deepest kind of faith in God grows.”  And for those of us in pain, our love for God is able to mature if we turn to Him.

As Jen enters a new stage full of unknowns, please continue to pray for daily reminders of God’s knowns.  Pray for Scott as he cares for his wife.  Pray for Lincoln to be surrounded by love and to have no fear of his future.  Pray for Jane to feel the Lord’s arms around her.  Pray for Jen’s friends and family to seek God in times of confusion, sadness and helplessness.  Each of you are a part of this story and we continue to place our hope in the Lord as he writes the pages of Jen’s book.

Much love to you,

Jamie (aka B)






25 thoughts on “Scan Results & Update

  1. Jamie, as you speak of “hope,” I think if the hymn “On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand.” It begins, “Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness…” Thank you for your faithful posting, and for your reminder of where our hope needs to be. Love, prayers, and blessings to each of you.
    Susan Lewis

  2. As I pray for you, the word that comes to mind so much is “thankful”. I’m thankful that God has given you and your loved ones what you need throughout this journey – maybe not all that we want but all that is needed. But, I’m also thankful for the example that you all provide to us in your faith and love. So, I’m praying for your needs while I am so very thankful as well. xoxo

  3. Burger House. So good to hear that it stirred a desire to eat. Away from Dallas 16 years this month, and I still crave the fries. Thank you for sharing the update. Continuing in prayer.

  4. Every single night your names are lifted in prayer from the lips of my 6yr old. It is both precious and painful. I feel both gratitude and guilt. Jen, you remain the single most faith-based influence in my life. Your friends and family are strong. I envy their closeness to you as you are one in a million; a beautiful force. Sleep tight, precious one.

  5. Praying, and wondering, and questioning along with you. And praising that our God is big enough to handle it. I’m just so sorry for all of the hard.

  6. Jamie – thank you for being such a faithful friend to Jen and for keeping us updated.
    Jen – I saw precious Lincoln leaving VBS the other day and my heart and thoughts immediately went to you. Your faithfulness on this journey continues to teach us all and I lift you, Scott and your entire family up in prayers.

  7. Thank you for the update. Thank you for loving them so well. We continue to pray for Jen and all who love her – He IS the God of miracles, and nothing is impossible with Him.

  8. Praying for all of you. It’s so true that we somehow feel more in control when we have specifics that allow us to make a plan. It’s also amazing that these times of uncertainty require the most trust….when we don’t know and can’t control. We can’t experience God when we are busy trying to figure it all out. I will say that my humaness knows this truth yet isn’t always releived of my sadness and anger and fear. Our greatest hope is in Christ, believing that when we enter into his presence we will see the beautiful tapestry that right now looks like messy threads.

  9. Thank you Jamie for faithfully updating the rest of us out here whose thoughts and prayers to our Lord continue for Jennifer, her family, and faithful friends.

  10. Jen, the hymn should read ” what a friend we have in Jamie” and with so many.
    Everyone loves you and have said many prayers through this long journey. We all are praying for a miracle. God is in control. And, you have been so strong and faithful
    To Him. Anisse

  11. Jen, so glad that you had an appetite after your scans (would you believe that I typed scams the first time around, very weak smile here). Please have a shake for me from the Burger House. Special prayers daily for you, your family and your wonderful friends. Jamie, I’m with you on wanting real information from doctors but you are correct…God is in control.

  12. I’ve been waiting for this update and now it’s pray Pray PRAY for you Jen and your stalwart friend, Jamie. It’s a wonder that God gives us our life in moment-by-moment increments. The unknown future is our only hope for faith. Much love.

  13. You guys are just in our minds constantly and therefore in our prayers just as much. I keep thinking of the storm in your life and how precious to know JESUS IS IN THE BOAT WITH YOU. Thank you for your beautiful hearts that constantly show Jesus to others and for your faith that KNOWS He’s got you in His hands–and they’re mighty big. We love you! Norm and Beth

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