Snuggles, Cinnabons & Reepicheep

Good morning friends.  It’s Jamie again.  Feels like it’s time for an update on our friend, but I honestly don’t know where to begin.  Those of us close to Jen have experienced so many different emotions throughout this journey, yet each day still seems to produce new ones.  A cornucopia of sad, mad, frustrated, confused, joyful, content, helpless, exhausted & grateful is the latest offering for me personally.  And that’s just in the last 5 minutes.  I can’t even imagine what it’s like for Jen, Scott, Linc & Jane.  I’m so thankful we have God’s truth to rely upon when our feelings are so uncontrollable.  Psalm 27:13, 14 says, “I would have lost heart unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord…I will wait on the Lord…and He shall strengthen my heart.” Blessed reminder.

Jen is settling into her new normal, which basically means a lot of time resting and trying to eat.  She is able to enjoy some perks like snuggle time with Linc in bed.IMG_9609.jpg

I don’t know about you, but my experience snuggling with an active 5 year old means knees in the back and an occasional elbow in the face.  I’m going to pretend that Linc’s sweet little fists folded up under his chin are going to stay put for Jen & Gigi’s sake.

Same for this scenario.  Keep those elbows tucked in, buddy.


Jen had chemo last Thursday and is still tolerating that fairly well.  Especially when Cinnabons are part of the deal.  IMG_4356.JPG


For now, chemo is the chosen course of treatment.  Things seem to change rapidly, however, so I don’t know how much longer this will be the case.  A brain MRI on Monday showed more metastasis, which could potentially alter the next steps.  Please continue to pray for wisdom for Jen’s doctors (Dr. Osborne, Dr. Casanova & Dr. Cheek) as they process and plan.

As for Lincoln, the only thing he’s planning is how he’s going to play with his birthday hamster, Reepicheep.



Someone call Hallmark.  This is too precious.  And a little unnerving.  In fact, I think snuggling with Reepicheep may be the actual equivalent to how I remember snuggling with my 5 year old boys.  Just add elbows.

Friends, I’ve been tasked with updating this blog.  I hope it’s helpful, and that it allows you to feel connected to Jen and to know how to pray for her and her family.   Some days I don’t know what to say.  Today is one of those days.  This is tough.  This is surreal.  This is at times unbelievable.  But this is life.  And for TODAY, this is the day that the Lord has made.  And if I know Jen, she will choose to be glad in it.

Thank you for your continued support through prayers, calls, texts, cards, errands run, laundry folded, bills paid, play dates, etc.  The Clouse family is grateful.  And thank you for respecting their time together as a family.  Jen is in need of a lot of rest, but would love to connect by reading your comments below.

Much love to you all,

Jamie (aka B)


73 thoughts on “Snuggles, Cinnabons & Reepicheep

  1. Praying for you Jennifer! And Jamie thank you for the update. Not a day goes by that I don’t think if Jen and I love when I look at my email and have an email update!

    We loved the starfish, Jennifer, and you were so sweet to send it and the precious picture of you and Scott with the sweet note. I’ve hung them all on my bulletin board and smile every time I walk by it- which is about 50 times a day!! We are so glad you both had such a wonderful trip and were able to enjoy the time away together.

    Hugs to all of you as I continue my prayers for you.

    Love, Kathy

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. I have no idea what to write. Just know that I’m praying God gives you a sweet day today…connection with Linc and Scott and your friends. Joy in this journey when possible. I have been encouraged by watching you. Love!

  3. Jen – Know that we love you from ‘afar’ and continue to pray for you and your sweet family. We are so incredibly thankful for your faithful witness and for the spiritual influence that you were/are for our daughter, Gracie, when you coached her in basketball at TCA. Fond memories! Time has flown by, Gracie is out of college and has been working as an analyst for JPMorgan for a year. She recently became engaged to her boyfriend of 3 years, Jason. They met the summer after their freshman year in college while working as counselors at Pine Cove. The wedding is January 14, 2017. They both live in Houston where Jason is in medical school at UT-Houston. Jamie does a wonderful job of updating the blog….give her a hug and tell her thanks from all of us that love you. Have a blessed day! Love, Vicki and Mike McCormack

  4. Blessings of comfort and peace to this wonderful family. Joy radiates from them even in their turmoil! Love you guys so..Pat and Michael May

  5. Sweet Jennifer continue to pray daily for you. Love the pictures with linc. Boys boys boys. And you rock getting him a hamster brave boy mom. Love you dearly. Trey Travis Robert and I are all praying for you daily. Love you.

  6. thanks so much for the update. guy and i are praying for you, jen, amd scott, linc and your mom. thanks for being faithful even in this crappy cancer stuff. you are shining christ’s light for many to see.

    so do not fear, for i am with you;
    do not be afraid for i am your god.
    i will strengthen you and help you;
    i will uphold you with my victorious right hand. is. 41:10

    all our love, guy and melissa

  7. Jen I love reading these updates. Your Linc is the most precious little thing and you are absolutely beautiful. Your strength and bright smile shine through every picture. Sending lots of love and prayers from Austin, Texas. xoxo Misty Tate

  8. thanks for the update Jamie, love seeing the pics! Praying, praying for comfort & rest & appetite. At the ready with cookie delivery should it tempt 🙂 Love you >

  9. Bless you Jamie for this update- it is so appreciated. For what it’s worth following was my nugget from my time today. Talk about a life full of uncertainty and zig zags. Love and hugs to all.

    Nugget for today: Rev 4:6
    And before the throne there was as it were as sea of glass like crystal’ and in the center and around the throne, . . . .

    I love this picture of how God takes something the ‘sea’ that historically was a sign of uncertainty, instability and chaos, and by His presence has TAMED it! God and His Son are in complete control and reign supreme over any and all instability and chaos in my life. Praise you Father for this character and praise you Holy Spirit that you remind me of this truth during life’s zigs and zags. Help me open my hands, lean more into You and experience the perfect peace that comes from humble trust in YOU.

    Sent from my iPad

  10. Jenn, I share your story with people on a regular basis and always appreciate the updates. Know there are many on the Protiviti and Weber families that pray for you on a regular basis.

  11. Love you! Love you! And love getting the chance to see you and that beautiful smile through pictures!
    Jamie, thank you for the updates.

  12. Jennifer. Hearing your voice and words from almost every “Highlight” Bible study.
    “God is good all the time, all the time God is good”.
    Continuing to hold you all up in prayer to our
    Good God.

  13. Thank you for the updates and pictures. I am grateful for Jen’s friends and the way each of you use your gifts to love and serve Jen, Scott, Lincoln and Jane. I’m continuing to pray for healing, precious moments with family, and for everyone that loves Jennifer to be comforted by the Lord’s peace that passes all of our understanding. Xo

  14. Thank you for the updates – even when it may be hard to update us. Jennifer – I love you and pray for you every day! When you get a minute on the next blog, PLEASE let us know how Reepicheep got his name,,,because that may just be the BEST. PET. NAME. EVER!

    • Julianna- it is cute- especially when you know the meaning! it came from a character in Narnia, a valiant mouse/rodent. I was not familiar, so thought he was just rhyming words, but how cute that he quickly thought of that character!

  15. I continue to pray for you, your family, and friends. You are such an inspiration to me, and a wonderful testimony of God’s love. Linc is an adorable little boy!

  16. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. I continue to pray for the family, docs, and treatments.
    On another, totally off subject note, Girl, your hair is ADORABLE. Oh, to have the perfect face and hair color like you! Jealous (yes, I really said it!)

  17. Hi Sweet Jennifer (and Jamie). Know that you are loved and thought of often, my sweet backyard neighbor. Praying for you and your family. –Sarah Taylor Walker

  18. Jen, whether written by you or someone else, it’s a treasure to read about your strength, courage and trust in the Lord. Thank you for letting us in, even those who do not know you well. It’s an honor to pray for you and your family.

  19. Jennifer, Larry and Julia, may the grace and power of our God be the energy, strength and comfort you may seek in a time not made for most. He only allows those with His Spirit to explain to others how He gets us throught the tough times, you are His chosen example of true Godly love.

    Julia and Larry Foster

  20. Love you guys… Was at the half way house this morning when I saw your latest up-date. I know that you all love those boys. Brokenness loves brokenness. As always, was encouraged by the beauty of brokenness pointing to our merciful and gracious King and his kingdom where… “everything sad will become untrue”.

  21. I was sincerely honored to meet Jen and friends this April in Seacrest. What an amazing woman and the loving friends who surround her! I was truly blessed to have a brief moment with these incredible people. I am praying for all.

  22. Thanks for the update Jamie and for the precious pictures. Prayers will continue. Your posts are constant reminders of the importance of both unyielding faith and loyal friendships.

  23. Jen, Scott & Lincoln- Know that we pray for you every night during our bedtime prayers. We think of you often and you inspire us every day.
    We love you!
    The Merchants
    Stacey, Brian, John, Collin & Reese

  24. Love you and your precious family, Jen. You are a constant reminder of Christ’s JOY in the midst of sorrows. Joy doesn’t mean happy. It’s much deeper than that. Thanks for showing this to a watching world. Praying…

  25. Thank you so much for the update. Jennifer and the fam is constantly on my mind and in my prayers. Reepicheep. How perfect.

  26. Hello! I don’t know you. I came to your blog thru Melanie’s (Big Mama) and have been following your story and praying for you often. I just spent the last two years walking a very similiar journey with my friend, Tonya. The verse she clung to was Psalm 46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Praying that for you and your sweet family today!

    With love, Serah from South Carolina

  27. So grateful to read each update as my heart and mind wonder a lot how the moments are going. This journey is not for the faint at heart is it? But, then neither was the journey Jesus Christ chose when he bore our sins and continues to bear our burdens. I love all the pictures. We all have the “Jen Smile” etched into our memories as we pray for you and each picture posted is a wonderful reminder that there are moments of sheer joy surrounding you. You are light to a dark world and even light to some of my darker days! Thank you for enabling all of us to share this difficult and amazing journey with you. Our family heads to Switzerland on Sunday as I fortunately have a speaking engagement over there!! But the fact that a) we are ALL going – including 3 adult kids, and b) David is still here, are poignant reminders that miracles do happen! We don’t know where his journey is leading either but we know who is in control! David recently had a nano knife procedure to electrocute a small tumor that recurred in his liver. We are hoping his recent MRI will confirm all clear, but whether it does or doesn’t…we’re still headed to Switzerland to eat cheese and chocolates! I will have quite a bit of time on the plane to lift some special names to the Lord in prayer. Consider yourself prayed for over the Atlantic and into the Alps Jen! Grateful for the privilege to join the symphony of prayers for you my friend!

  28. Jennifer- been praying for you so often as I see your posts. May the Lord continue to sustain you, guide you and those to whom He has entrusted your care, and be the light that has always shone so brightly in you. I see Christ in you so much now, as I always have.

    “‘The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

  29. Continue to pray for you Jen and your entire family, friends and doctors. Your transparency during this time has blessed my socks off! The the perfect peace from our LORD be with you all. Isaiah 26:3-4 “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD himself, is the Rock eternal.” You, my friend, remind me of this truth. Hugs from afar!

  30. Love you, Jen! I cherish reading the blogs and seeing pictures of you and Lincoln and feeling like I am a part of your story by hearing the details. Know that our whole family continues to pray daily. You are on my heart all the time and I send my love!!

  31. Jamie thank you so much for this update! It is so helpful to know how to pray. Love this sweet family so much!

  32. Jen, your courage and faith are inspiring. Thank you for letting us know how to pray for you, your family, and awesome friends. Annabel

  33. Jen and family & friends – you are all in my thoughts and prayers often. By you sharing your life story you have inspired and brought courage to so many others. I hope you know that we all are cheering you on. Your faith for the Lord is inspiring and your friends and family that rally around everything is such a blessing and I can only imagine the friendships that you have. I hope I can be for someone around me. Praying. Amy

  34. I am so glad for the updates & all the lovely smiley photos. This is the page that I’ve chosen for my home page so I see it every day I’m on the computer.

    Prayers going up for Jen, Scott, Linc, Gigi, Jane, the team of doctors & nurses and Jen’s many friends who are all dealing with this in real life, along with those of us who only know her thru the website.

  35. Praying for Jen, Linc, & Scott, and all of you who are being the hands and feet of Christ to them. Thankful for this update and knowing how to be praying. Love the family.

  36. Love seeing the hamster, been there, done that but it sure does make little boys happy. Think and pray for you all consistently and especially past day because Cynthia is back at Chicos office and I’m so glad!!! Being around her somehow makes me feel connected to you. You are a precious spirit and I get encouragement daily because of your nearness to our Savior Jesus and the truth that life is not what we expect always but He is always Good!!! Rest and I pray for daily nuggets of wonderful with Linc and Scott. Much love and admiration, Shannon West

  37. Oh Jen. Linc, Jane and Scott. Cannot imagine the ups and downs in person. Living them from afar here is hard so I k know those closer must really struggle greatly.

    Just thankful to know you and those you’re surrounded by and see how you graciously you walk through it. A beautiful glimpse of Christ’s suffering and an excitement to share in heaven with you. I love you dearly friend and pray for you and your family’s pain in this all!

  38. Jamie, as I check for your updates, I have wondered how hard this must be for you. Because your updates show the goodness of God no matter what, I have hope that Jen is able to take The next step, whatever it may be that day, with the faith and courage that have blown us away so far. Ebenezer.

  39. Praying for you and your family from here in Canada Jen – your strength and faith is very inspiring to me- stay strong –

  40. As if your boundless faith isn’t enough to make the rest of us moms look like mere mortals—you are that mom—the one who lets her kid get a hamster. Geez!😜 YOU ARE IN MY PRAYERS! 🙏🏻 BTW, Dad’s on Hospice. He’s been enjoying summertime peaches and Res Raider baseball. Everyone sends their love from West Texas.

  41. You don’t know me either, Jen, but I am in Houston praying for you and your family. I do appreciate the updates as you all are on my mind every day.

  42. Praying for comfort for you Jen and for sweet precious moments with your family. For the hugs, loves and snuggles to bring smiles to your face. Linc is precious.

  43. Wonderful to read. Jen, blessings to you, peace, comfort and joy. Thank you for blessing me with your steadfast faithfulness. You are in my prayers. -amy

  44. The Lowery/Little family look forward to reading your updates and continue to pray for comfort and peace for the Clouse family. That Lincoln could not be any cuter! I know you are so proud of him, Jen!
    Jamie, thank you for your sweet words. It is not easy, I know, but you sure make it look as if it is easy! You girls must have had an awesome English teacher in High School! 🙂

  45. I think about you often! I pray for you daily. I know we don’t know each other well, but your journey has inspired me beyond measure. Your smile, strength and zest for life is contagious. I am grateful to be connected to you through bible study, Jamie and Kay.
    Your trust and faith in the Lord is magnificent to witness. God is good!
    Thank you for letting me see Him through you!
    Lanier Monk

  46. I don’t know the Clouse family personally but include them in my prayers daily. I would also like to add that I pray for Jamie as well and am inspired by her strength her faith and her friendship with Jen.

  47. I love you, Jen. Besides the Esther study, my favorite memory is praying with you at Baptism Day this year. You are precious and the Massinger household is praying for you!!!

  48. Paula Dean is in town for market and I had a friend post his picture with her on fb, he gave her a hug and said she smells like vanilla! From the looks of Jenn I thinks she smells like chocolate, which personally is my favorite! Please tell her I love her and pray constantly for her to not have pain and to have an appetite, keep the chocolate coming!
    All my love, Framona

  49. Jennifer…..
    I continue to pray for you and Scott and Linc. The song “I Know that my Redeemer Lives” just popped into my head. It’s a powerful song and a powerful message for all believer’s. I see your glowing, sweet, strong face in all the pictures and it radiates the message “I Know (without a shadow of a doubt…not even a little!) that My Redeemer (Jesus…who loves me and Scott and Linc more than I can ever imagine!) LIVES! Keep smiling Jen. It’s a beautiful thing!

  50. Thinking of you and praying for you daily! Besides myself, you might be the last person I’d expect to let your son have a hamster, which I think puts you in the lead for Mother of the Year! He looks happy with his hamster, and VERY happy beside his mommy in pics above. Love you all so very much and praying for the God of all comfort to show His greatness to you in mighty ways. Much love!

  51. Praying for your family and trusting God to give you what you need when you need it. You are thought of and prayed for tho many miles away.

  52. Oh! Sitting here with my coffee and seeing there is an update on Jen just makes my day. That Reepicheep sure is cute! I remember taking my hamster to bed when I was little, the thought of it now sends shivers up my spine. The only rodents I see in our house now, are the ones I DONT want in my bed, lol. Sending much love ❤ to you and have been upholding you in prayer, Jen. Keep leaning on those everlasting arms, 'Our God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there's nothing our God cannot do, for you.' (are you singing that tune now :D) Praying for rest and encouragement for all of you, as you continue in this difficult journey. Soli Deo Gloria!!! ❤

  53. I am re-reading this post now that we are back from vacation; watching my 5-time-open-heart-surgery-kid at gymnastics and feeling gratitude for his health. I look at Lincoln and he is SO his Mother! He is such a beautiful gift. One sweet moment at a time, my friend.

  54. Jennifer, you’re in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you and your sweet friends for keeping us connected. You’re very well-loved.

  55. Praying that you can feel the love of the prayers on your behalf! Praying for strength to endure treatments, the right plan to help slow and stop growths, energy to enjoy those hugs and snuggles from your family, and more days w/them! Seeing your beautiful smile in that picture doesn’t show how hard I’m betting this journey is. You are a model for strength!

    Prayers and love,

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