Continued prayers please

Dear friends, it’s Jamie again.  I am writing to update you on Jen’s status.  After 3 long weeks in the hospital, Jen is back at home.  She completed 15 days of whole brain radiation, which knocked her out for lack of a better term.  That, plus the progression of her cancer has really taken a toll.  Most of her days and nights are spent sleeping.   Her body is frail, her voice is weak, but her spirit is still very strong.  (Those of you who know her well will not be surprised by that.)  Thank you so much for your prayers as she is now resting comfortably and surrounded by loved ones.  And thank you for respecting the privacy of the family at this time.  The very best way you can love the Clouse family is by sending a card, commenting on this blog and/or by continuing to pray for Jen, Scott, Lincoln and Jane.

God continues to show up in big ways.  He is present in the details.  We continue to praise Him despite difficult circumstances, and know that He loves Jen even more than we do.

Thank you so much for your faithful companionship on this journey.  It is so appreciated.

Much love to you all,


**As a side note, Jen’s phone stopped working about 2 weeks ago.  If you have sent a text to her during that time and did not get a response, that is why.  Again, sending a card or commenting on this blog is the best way to communicate for now. 

Pray for Dallas, Pray for Jen

Hi dear prayer warriors. This is Jamie again.  What a sad day in Dallas’ history and in the history of our nation.  My heart goes out to the families affected by the tragedy of last night’s shootings.

I am writing today to activate this army.  Our friend, Jen, is sick.  She went into the hospital last weekend with severe pain and nausea.  The doctors have been trying to get it under control this week, but she is not well.  Being the fighter that she is, Jen is still undergoing radiation treatment while hospitalized in hopes of decreasing the cancer lesions in her brain.  This, in turn, may help decrease her overall nausea and pain.

Jennifer, Scott, Lincoln and Jane would greatly appreciate your prayers.  Specifically, please pray for wisdom for Dr. Osborne and Dr. Casanova as they develop a plan for what could be her new normal.  Please pray for Lincoln that he would feel the Lord’s love flowing through all of his sweet and sacrificial caregivers.  Please pray for Jane to feel the Lord’s comfort in her moments of sadness.  Please pray for Scott to feel the Lord’s peace in times when he feels supremely overwhelmed.  Please pray for Jen’s friends to feel the Lord’s strength when weariness overtakes them.  And most importantly, please pray for Jen to feel relief from this extraordinary pain.

For now,  Jen is spending this time with her family.  Thank you for your continued care and concern for our sweet friend.

As we get on our knees before our heavenly Father grieving for those who have lost their lives and those who are suffering, may we be reminded that we serve a loving, caring, forgiving, gracious & merciful God.  And may we somehow have the opportunity to share that truth with those who need it the most – even if that includes ourselves.

Much love to you all,

Jamie (aka B)